'Secret' trib on the MF Snoqualmie


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Don't ask the name. While it is hardly a secret, I don't want anymore pressure added than already exists. And this post alone will probably ruffle some feathers...

I just have a question for those of you who frequent this little gem during the lower flows of the MF (since you have to wade across the main river to get there).

I have not been there in the last 2 years. But when I did go, I found consistent action for eager 6 to 10in trout that went crazy for any thing resembling a dry fly. The last few times I went, I noticed the pressure picking up considerably and the reliability of the fishing to have dropped considerably. So since I found a stretch on the MF that is ALWAYS good to me (and for trout up to 16 inches on occassion- and I've never seen another person while there), I just stopped visiting this specific place altogether.

So my question to those of you out there who frequent this spot, have you noticed this as well? Or do you think timing might be the issue? The best trip I had was when the main river first became wadeable (for those of use who wade agressively) and I know I was one of the first of the year (if not THE first) to hit this water.

The other question is how far up have you fished it? I've been up it about a mile, and while I still found plenty of fish, 99% of my fishing was limitted to 'dapping' and no real casting. Have any of you been farther up than that?

Email me if you want to discuss this offline. Also email me if you'd like to plan a trip to check it out once the spring flows drop enough (but only if you've been there before).



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I think the small river is the Pratt. I've never fished it in fact I don't think that I could find it. I don't know where to cross the river at to get to it.

As I do most of my fishing durning the week. So I don't see too many other people out there. Jim


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I guess that's why they call it a secret. First rule of fishing: keep those spots to yourself.

If you have a question ask a good friend (there are few in fishing circles that won't sell you out) or a least ask the guy at the local fly shop. He can't tell nearly as many people about your spot as those who visit this site each day looking for info.

I am sure you weren't the first as the Civiallian Conservation Core did a lot of railroad work it that area in the 1930's/40's and before that miners in the late 1800's hunted for gold near taylor river and Gold Meyer hot springs and before that who knows? I am sure they all ate their share of wild trout. :TSKTSK


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Jim, that was a good guess, but get that map out and try again :BIGSMILE No more hints from me... But if you must guess again, send an email with the name - don't post it.

As I noted, this is not a secret, I just didn't want to post the name out of respect for those who may see it as such...

And when I said I was the first - notice I said FIRST OF THE YEAR. Clearly there is no more virgin water in this state!! :pROFESSOR

Thanks to those of you who have replied in email. A couple even got the spot right and I have my questions answered. Thanks guys!

Now I just have to wait for the water levels to drop, so I can get to my real 'secret spot' on the main river. On this stretch of the MF where the action is always hot, I've never seen more than a couple footprints and never another person (just a few beaver, elk, and deer). Don't be afraid to hike a little ways people :THUMBSUP