Nobody hunting yet?

Ed Call

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I got doe blocked by a black bear. Bear spooked the doe just before she walked into a nice shooting lane. Never saw the bear, doe bolted quick at the sound of the huffing.
We did doves on Saturday and got a few each. Sunday we went North and tried to find the grouse. Flushed a few but the thick trees kept us from pulling the trigger on most. we were out there for 5 hours or so and my buddy got one. Was nice to get Otto into both open game birds as I wasn't able to get out for the opener.
I've been chasing elk with my bow for the past week . I've had some close encounters but hunting solo for the most part has been tough and the elk aren't talking yet .

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A doe with two fawns were in the yard Sunday. Otherwise hadn't seen any deer for nearly two weeks. With so many deer around my place, there has to be a few bucks, but I've only ever seen one forkhorn and a three-point. There's a little spike that's about a year-and-a-half old now, but now he's making himself scarce too. They have some amazing instincts in this regard.


Alex MacDonald

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Daryle, I'm taking the Toelke Whip longbow. Not that it improves any chance of seeing a deer, though. We just got back from Twisp last week for the Two Fly, and I'm back up tomorrow am. I've seen only ONE fresh track: no fresh poop, no browsed forbs... Nada, nothing, zippo!! It's like the country doesn't have any deer at all!!


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Was in the North Bend area yesterday and combined an afternoon of bear hunting with elk scouting. Called in one bear, saw no elk sign. The number of deer vs last year appears to be waaay up. Of course they will vanish by the time muzzleoader season rolls around....