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One thing that I am painfully aware of is that we have salmon restoration programs that are putting a great emphasis on the Summer Chum salmon, which are listed under the Endangered Species Act. The work is focused on habitat restoration and many of these projects are beginning to see solid returns of wild spawning fish. But I also see quite a few people attempting to catch these same Chum salmon as they congregate outside of the streams. The sight of the big salmon slapping, tail walking and leaping along the shallows on the shorelines is just too much for some people to resist. But please, think twice. Make sure you aren't targeting a sensitive run of fish. Do a little homework.


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"I thought it was pretty obvious."

K, but if I knew that the fish would be back here again on the same date......well, I'd be a better fisherman than I am!

As I said, it's no secret that sometime in October chum show up here.

If on that particular day in 2013 I see hordes of anglers at Chico on the banks and wading out on the flats anxiously awaiting hungry fish all saying "Dipnet said they'd be here!!!" then I'll think I should back off on my prognostications! ;)

I do understand what you're sayin'. Hope you understand my viewpoint also. Tight lines, buddy!


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Bob, I wasn't aware that summer chum were listed under the ESA.

Knowing that, it ticks me off even more seeing all the snaggers in this area during the height of the run.

How's the status of the fall and winter fish?
You're missing the point. General knowledge is that chum show up at the END of October.

I've seen it happen....It's no different than posting "all last week I slayed it at xxxx beach!" Those fish may be long gone, but it won't stop 10 guys from showing up to try and catch them. Did they know that beach could produce fish prior to the report? Sure, but the report is what made them decide to drive 2 hours and pass countless other good spots to come fish your local beach.

All I'm saying is your post did nothing but tell someone when and where to show up. You could still be helpful by replacing "Chico" with "a local beach". Let people do a little legwork for their spots.
There was a ton of great info and "teasers" in last years thread that would allow any newbie with half a brain to half a decent chance of learning enough to have a shot at catching some. Hell, last year was my first go of it and using much of the info in that thread I was able to catch my share.

There are few if any "secret" spots anymore. What there is an abundance of is lazy fisherman who don't want to get off their couch unless they are assured of finding fish. Personally I've spent a lot of effort figuring out how to fish some of these spots when these other guys are sitting on their couch and while I think I am free sharing with techniques that work for me, I would prefer these other guys stay on their couch until they've had their fill of to speak.

I respect your opinion on the matter but I highly disagree.
I don't want to beat anyone up, let's just be sensitive about what we post to the public Internet forum. To help get this back on track, this was my favorite fly last year. Caught lots of fish with it.

Another good tip that I learned last year, bring lots of extra flies and a good hook sharpener. Between the shallow estuaries and big chum teeth you tend to go through way more flies than say coho fishing from the beach.



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mtskibum16, you have your opinion about what is too much info and I have mine. Please respect mine.

I will not let myself get sucked into this same old argument that's been debated ad infinitum on this forum and others.

I don't think I posted anything offensive or out-of-line. You're welcome to think differently.

vive la différence!


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So, doublebluff, I apologize for the hijack!

Let's let some other folks answer your question and I sure hope you can catch some fish up here! :)
I thought Matt did a pretty good job of getting his point across. Not sure why you must be so stubborn about it. Tell ya what, feel free to post up the best time and location to fish your favorite chum spot as a "teaser" for all your new friends and then come talk to us about how it doesn't matter.

I thoroughly enjoyed last years chum thread. I think ill remove myself from this one. I for one am not here to help advertise.


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I think your comment, Nick, about being stubborn was directed at me.

Personally, I thought he was being opinionated and stubborn! (But that's just me, I guess!)

Anyway, as I said, I don't want to get into a pissin' match with anyone. Each to their own!

Back to your normally programmed show! ;)
Well, sorry to arouse all the angst. I was hoping for some pleasant discussion about a fish I know very little about.

I will add that use of the term "Dick post" probably is not a good way to win friends and influence people.

I appreciate all the information in this post and the one last year. I'll try to tie some flies like the one shown- thanks!
I will add that use of the term "Dick post" probably is not a good way to win friends and influence people.
Neither is posting detailed information about small local fisheries.

I just don't like seeing location specific stuff posted up for anyone to see. It's just too easy to find these days. I've done it myself - I overheard someone utter a phrase on the beach one day that piqued my curiosity. All it took was about 5 minutes on Google and I was able to find which river they were fishing (they mentioned a specific nick-named hole on a river), driving directions to get there, where to park, which side of the river to fish, and the best rock to stand on. I'm sure with a bit more time I could find the best fly, tide, time, etc. It's not the one little tidbit that does harm, it's the fact that search engines can quickly assemble all of the little tidbits together very quickly. I gained most of this information from gear sites that I'm not a member of.

I wish you luck doublebluff and really hope you find fish. None of what I said is directed at you and it wasn't your fault the thread was hijacked. For the record, had someone like you PMed me asking location specific questions I would be happy to help you out if i could.

By the way, fun fact: Google image "chico creek chum fishing" and dryflylarry is the first picture! :)