Fly fishing near Maple Valley?


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Will be visiting family in Maple Valley 7/26-7/30. Wondering if there are any FFing possiblities in that vicinity or within an hour or so?

Found the Green when I was there 3 years ago & it was very low. Would have loved to fish the Cedar, but I guess it's been closed for some time. I practice C&R, so I won't be pillaging any of the local waters. Thanks for any input.


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If I remember right, I accessed the Green, somewhere downstream from Black Diamond. Would that be the "Upper"?

Thanks, Brad
if you like lakes, lake wilderness has nice rainbows and kokonees in it. shadow lake can be good for largemouth. the upper green is actually out past ravensdale in kaneskette. try the tacoma head works dam area, usually theres not many people fishing up there, or floating, swiming ect.


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Thanks steve,

I won't be traveling with my boat or even my tube this trip, but would be willing to hit a lake anyway. Might even drag a few of the nephews with me.

Don't know where Ravensdale is but will locate it on my map.

You might try Raging River. It's located East of Maple Valley on Hiway 18.(About 25 min.)

Raging River starts by Rattlesnake Lake, and drops into the Snoqualmie River, and is between 15-20 feet wide : (Nice little pockets to hold trout and salmon.
This area is exactly where I live, so I know it pretty well. Lakewise, there are a string of productive lakes along Petrovisky- Desire, Shady, Shadow, Spring, and Peterson. Desire has good trout flyfishing for stockers and is real pretty, plus tons of little topwater-eager bass. Shady has wiers regs but is the best trout option. I've never done to well on Spring, but some say its great. Shadow is a lot like Desire, but with more warmwater fish. Peterson is my favotrite for bluegills and bass. Its the tiny one right off the road that you sometimes see people fishing.
For rivers, the Green is ok for steelies and trout, but its a helluvalot of fun for whitefish in January and February. The lower Cedar is closed, but, not known to most people, the river above the lake was opened for trout. I haven't been up there cause its a pain in the ass (you have to go across Snoquailamie Pass, then Stampede Pass, and then up), but if you feel adventureous, go for it. Jest email be back after you go! The Raging River is small, but can be good for Steelhead right after a rain. Never seen much in the way of trout though, but sometimes you find decrepid old King salmon wallowing their way up the river.
Those are the ones that immediately come to mind, but explore. If you like lakes, they are everywhere in that area, and for rivers, just head up into the mountains. Good Luck!