FS Leaving for Germany, must sell!

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Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
I will be leaving to Germany 60 days ahead of schedule. My 3 year old son had to have surgery so I have to leave. With that came a lot of unplanned expenses. I hate to sell this stuff but its got to go.

Creek Co Voyager Frameless Pontoon. I love this boat its so quick and easy to set up. Boat has never been patched or had a leak.Ive taken this boat down many rivers and has always been great. Tracks well in the water and light enough to throw up on your shoulders and hike it into places. Included in Package:
-Scotty fly rod holder
-Electric hurricane pump (hooks to car battery)
-Dual action hand pump
-Float tube fins
- Cargo Bag
-Float tube anchor

imagedf.jpeg image.jpeg

Echo TR 13' 7wt / GURU 4 Spey Outfit. Prefer package sale but will split up if I have to.
-Echo TR 13' 7wt 4pc
-Lamson Guru 4 (MINT used once) 30lb backing and slickshooter
-Rio Skagit max 525gr (Mint used once)
-Rio Scandi 480gr (New unused)
- 5 tips T14, T12, T10, Interm, Float
-Tip wallet
-Furled spey leader (new)


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