A weee bit of ridiculousness


Evan Virnoche


how many people are willing to go for a swim and risk there own life for a steelhead?

I know i wouldnt
When I first saw this I was blown away that you would try and float that river after a fish, looking at some of the runs that water is MOVING. I would try my damndest to just run the bank/water line but who knows I might end up swimming after it in the middle of the madness. With a fish like that my adrenaline would just about allow me to run on top of the water and takle it


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Floating in rivers with a PFD on is a lot easier than most people think. With the current environment of cougars, bears, snakes, ticks, and sweepers hiding under every run, maybe this guy is a BAD ASS? no.

Ed Call

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I was hoping that footage of me wouldn't surface. I was supposed to be at work that day. I'm gonna be busted now.


I hope she likes whitefish
I guess that's why most of us don't catch fish like that...we're not willing to put it all on the line for a fish.


Too much theatre for me. I did skip thru the whole thing and it really didn't look like a big deal. Wading down the edge of a river chasing a fish is all it was. If you're not comfortable, don't chase it. I wouldn't hesitate to go after that fish.

I didn't see anyone risking their life in that vid.


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That guy is a true fly fisherman, emphasis on man! All through the vid I kept saying, that had better be a big fish, and so it was. Truly an epic feat in my book, and he filmed it all too, amazing.
I also like that reel he had too.



did you watch the same video?
Yup! My fishing buddy would probably have the same take as you. He thinks every step is going to be his last. That same step for me is simply taking me where I want to go. Didn't see much there that would have me thinking about my loved ones. And, I have a very healthy respect for the water.