Any info on White Salmon River?

Anybody fished, or heard of reports of fish moving up the White Salmon since they blew the Condit Dam up? I'm sure it'll take a long while to get a good population to move up, but at the same time there is probably little to no pressure on those fish in there.


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Chinook and steelhead have been observed upstream of the former Northwestern Lake (reservoir). Given the amount and type of habitat available, I don't think the populations will ever be very large.

Has the damn been completely removed so you can float through the old damn site now?

It can be done but is more of a kayak/ducky type ride. Some rafts have done it but I hear there is a portage and a couple tricky drops into holes. Not worth it for a 1/2 mile section since you can walk into the rest.

It just needs a big flush to carve out a channel. The cold water is still there...


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Yeah, a "Big Flush" would help a lot of PNW rivers, the bigger the better though I'm not hoping for a Noah type flood. Serious high water does excellent work around here, hoping for more.

A 100-1000yr flood on the White Salmon would bring it back really quickly...if the fish could get there.