Goose Lake??

So I was going to head up to Goose this weekend, but looking to see if 'the man' has the national woods closed down?? Anybody know if you can get up to Goose? I know a lot of pissed off hunters that drive in that area... Has anybody winched the gate open yet??

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Did they close all the National Forests. It would be just like them to do that. What a administration we have with this President. Next he will probably freeze SS again like he did earlier in his Administration.
From what I am reading around the web, yes, all parks are closed. they even some how shut down the Oregon Dunes state park...

Mike Danahy

@#)$%# river otters!
Yeah, can't shut down a national forest. People won't necessarily be working, but they're not gonna close areas in a national forest because of that. Unless an area is normally closed this time of year, I wouldn't worry about it. Some big popular camp ground may be closed down, I guess, but there won't be anyone around to stop ya.

Gary C. Brown

Les Paul Lover
I fished Upper Goose 2 weeks ago and it was open. That was pre-shut down. Call the folks at Mar Don, they usually know the status of the gat into the Seeps.
BTW fishing was good.