I've had one of my best P-Sound fishing days so far...aaand a first!!

Just thought I'd report because I know many of you can relate and are possibly able to share in my joy!
I've been fishing for SRC on and off for a little while now and my time on the water is very limited, being that I have a large family a physical job building boats and my funds are always very tight. So this limits the water I can explore which can be very frustrating. It's to the point where I have to see if I can afford to fish a spot only 30 min from me. This leads to me fishing the same water a lot and it gets "old" to me. I tend to have to urge to explore, alas this is a privilege that isn't mine at the moment.

Also, as of late I've found myself getting rather frustrated trying to target Salmon on the fly, the closest "popular" beach for targeting Salmon near me is a little over a 30 min drive, there is one more area, but it gets so crowded and I just can't bring myself to stand shoulder to shoulder and attempt to fly fish. I've broken out the gear before but the satisfaction level just doesn't cut it.

So, my situation has pretty much caused me to really hone in on two beach areas and that for SRC. Before fishing the salt I was mainly a river guy in CO and MT lots of Trout, lots of fun reading water casting 5 wts and under, when I moved here I had to pick up a different game, the salt. Since it appears that the rivers here for one are quite a drive and two aren't like the rivers I'm used to.

I'd given up on Salmon on the fly in the salt, so of the my beach I went to target some SRC's. This beach has rather big ones so it's quite a bonus. It's quite common to hook 20"+ SRC's and they fight and jump and run like crazy! I realized that the bigger flies I throw the bigger the SRC and the smaller the flies I throw the smaller the SRC that I catch. It was foggy out, I hit the outgoing tide, my absolute favorite at this beach, the incoming tide can be a bit dangerous, one can get caught out there and forget that behind them the water is getting higher...I almost had to swim back once, it got a little hairy. So I've learned to fish the outgoing and I actually produce more fish on this tide on this beach. I fish it like I would for Steelhead in a river, swinging all day long and then a fast retrieve... So I'm out with my favorite rod a Scott E2 6wt I bought from a guy on this board, floating line and a homemade heavy sink tip. First I fish a smaller fly, sparsely tied, silver-ish/clear with big bulging, eyeballs. The fish were everywhere, seemed like every other cast I hooked up, big boils, large wakes, my adrenaline was going. I caught a good share of average sized fish and thought to myself. This is good, time to search for some bigguns. So I tied on a big green hackle, gold bead head bugger with a decent tail. It was a little on the heavy side so casting it kinda sucked but I had to and figured that this fly on the swing and retrieve was going to produce... It did, got me a few nice SRC, gosh I love how these fish tax the flies! BAM! I love these fish!

After a while it slowed down a bit, my buddy the Seal showed up and that's when I usually leave, it gets a little too close for my liking, but this time it just kept going, so I guess it was just passing by on it's way to where the Salmon were. So I kept fishing casting and swinging the same bugger. Suddenly BAM, I'm like OH CRAP this is the biggest SRC ever! Then the fish rolled on me and I noticed that it wasn't an SRC but a Salmon! I started celebrating and was completely overtaken with excitement! All these times when I've been targeting Salmon I was never able to even get one to hit my fly in the salt, maybe it was bad timing, wrong location etc... But today as I was just fishing for SRC at a beach where NO ONE ever fishes, seriously no one fishes there, (I know because I go there often), I'm always the only guy on the water and probably because people think, well, why fish there when there are other popular beaches to hit for SRC or Salmon. Anyhow, I fought the Salmon, brought it to hand took some pics during the process, tried getting a better one but it took off after I got the hook out of it's mouth. I did not read the regs so I wasn't even sure if I was able to keep it. Either way, I finally reached what I have been trying to accomplish for a few years and that's Salmon on a fly in the salt, not near a river, not in a river but straight up in the salt. Mission accomplished and this time I wasn't even trying!

Here are a few pics, it was hard to take pics while standing in strong current, with rod and fish. I need to save up for a net, that would make things a little easier. Btw, is that a Coho? I always have a hard time telling...I guess I haven't caught enough of them. ;) IMGP0046.JPG IMGP0049.JPG IMGP0048.JPG IMGP0045.JPG IMGP0042.JPG IMGP0040.JPG
Thanks guys! I must add from my one observation that pound for pound the SRC fight waaay harder then that Coho! Had I caught an SRC of that size it would have been crazy! :)
Great post Alexander !!! Keep your spot to yourself and it will be there for you... Knowing a beach well is like knowing a river well, we're all happy for you and know what you're feeling, persistence is key and you've proved that once again...



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Nice post - I really enjoyed reading it! Nice fish. I'm still searching for a secret beach of my own - saw a promising looking one from the boat yesterday. Google earth seems to indicate there might be a way to access it from land. We were out about 100 feet and did not want to get in closer - lots of protruding rocks jutting out, but the beach looked like classic SRC habitat - cobbled with lots of barnacles. Might try to get to it later this month.


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Nice work on the coho and searuns.
Finding 20"+ searuns isn't that common, so you've got a very special beach if you are catching them that size on a regular basis.
As others mentioned, keep that place under wraps.
Great persistence! Super good score on the deserted fishing area. I feel pretty lucky to have spots I fish alone as well. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like that Coho is wild, as I think I see the adipose fin in that pic. Anyone else see that, or am I making it up? If that is the case, good on ya for letting it swim - we need more wild fish!
Again, congratulations on a job well done.