Benchill Kelson 1/0

Hope you guy's aren't sick of these yet ?? There's not much else to do with them but post them, of course I guess I could throw them at some staging coho ??? But I don't think I will.....
This is George Kelson's version and I think it turned out pretty well, or at least I'm happy with it...
Hope you like it...

I'd love to see that stuck in the lips of a staging coho.
Quite a few of the classic flies, to me, look like they were the forbearers to the 'rags' I see people drift on the coast, especially when the fly has been 'brushed and crushed' as I'm told they are pre-fished in Scotland (by the Ghillie).

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Nice one Mark. I like the way the top section of feather (turkey?) flows with the rest of the wing. As opposed to the style where it has more of a curve and is shorter than the rest of the wing, giving the appearance that it just kind of caps the front of the wing. Or maybe the GP crest just helps blend it all together? If all that makes sense. Is that just because the pattern originator designed it that way, or is it more about the tyers preference?
Thanks again everyone for your comments....

Steve, maybe a steelhead..... coho, not going to happen !!! :)

constructeur, I've fished some of these and the married wings just look like mixed wings after they're wet, from the rags I've seen I don't see much of a connection. But interesting theory ....

Pat, not quite sure what you're referring too unless it's the mallard roof ?? But it's probably at the tiers discretion,
thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you like it...

All of the rags I've seen have used longer yarn for a more colorful presentation than what pops up for me in a google search, and to me are the size of a small Winter fly. I suppose I see this as a sunk fly to be swung, and rags, though usually scented/baited are essential swung a long as well. Stepping back from the fly, I pick up a mixture of colors, and I'd recon to a fish, colors are colors, so...that's my connection.

Thanks for showing your work, I've dabbled with some classics and end up with pretty *meh* part due to both skill and material quality, and with Winter coming and a few of you posting cool ties, I recon I'm going to tackle them again soon-especially since I've just discovered the Irish Michael Rogan's mixed wings that look super awesome and may be a tad easier to tie.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Yeah I knew that one would be tough to decipher
But yes the mallard roof. On this fly I think it flows with the rest of the wing nicely. Some of the ones you've done in the past have a sharper curve at the front that for some reason looks awkward to me. So I was wondering if maybe that's just the style of the fly, or if you just kinda "wing it" (yes, pun intended)

Constructeur, I see where you're coming from as far as color and I'm sure you're right considering these are all attractor
patterns and probably doesn't make any difference to the fish.... Married wings go back a long time but mixed and built
wings go back much further. For fishing I usually went with Spey and Dee flies, faster and easier to tie but I did fish a few
full dress one's as well. Mixed wings are a little easier to tie (but not much, just different) and I think would be a better choice for fishing. good luck, let me know if I can be of help...

Pat, Some just turn out better than others, as we say you don't hit a home run with every fly...
It's all part of learning to tie these ( I'm still learning) trying to be consistent and getting the materials to do what you want them too, which doesn't always happen...:)

Thanks again guys for your interest and comments,