wading jacket vs rain jacket

I own a longer cabela's $100 rain jacket and a G3. Both work fine. I've had a couple Simms jackets and the only reason I got rid of them was I grew out of them. Too many beers not enough hiking. I'd say as long as a jacket is comfortable and keeps you fishing when it's raining that's all you need. There is nothing worse than having a jacket fail 3 miles into an 8 mile float on a rainy day.
I agree with a lot of guys here who state how unnecessary it is to drop 4 bills on a jacket. Maybe I would spend the money one day but I could really use that towards my boat purchase or even a guided trip.
Being one who enjoys the finer things in life, like swinging for chromers in the pissing rain, I feel like spending atleast good money on a rain jacket that is quality ( I use a Simms G3 and for less wet situations, a Marmot rain shell) is pretty important. That is if you like being dry and comfortable. I know its badass being all wet and cold and fishing anyway, but you'll have a much better time with quality raingear, like quality waders. Also, in my opinion theres nothing available that works as well as Gore Tex


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Started with a cheap Northface rain shell, but after a full day on the water in the rain, my shoulders were wet. I then started using my Outdoor Research backpacking shell which worked GREAT! It's a little big so I can layer, it's packable, and it's goretex. I then stumbled on a killer deal I couldn't pass up for a Redington wading jacket...I have yet to use it, but by God as soon as it rains I'm going to put that thing to the test!

In my mind, the only real reason to have a dedicated wading jacket is for the pockets and neoprene cuffs that prevent water from seeping back up your sleeves. If this isn't a big deal to you, go with your regular hiking shell and call it good.


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I uses a couple of different jackets.
If I plan to hike a lot or it is fairly warm, I use a Simms PacLite jacket. Good for beach fishing since it packs down to a small size.
If sitting in the driftboat or raft, I like the Patagonia River Salt jacket.
I also have a Helly Hansen rubber rain coat. It is great on chilly mornings or running up river in the sled. It does a super job of breaking the wind.
If I plan to row all day I pass on the rubber rainjacket regardless of how cold it it.


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Need a jacket for fishing and shit when I saw what Simms is asking for there jackets. Is there really a big difference between a wading jacket and rain jacket. I just want something that will keep me dry. I'll use my layers to keep me warm. Guys got any suggestions for something well under 200 and closer to 100?

The only differences that matter (to me) in terms of construction are the gasket-style cuffs at the wrists and the shorter length. Very nice to be able to dunk your arm into the water when you need to without having a ton of water leak in. Doubly nice not to have that same water flow down the sleeve and along your trunk the next time you lift your arm to cast....

The shorter cut is way less important, but it's a feature I like for wading.

It looks like the Patagonia Deep Water Jacket (what I've got) has been discontinued for some reason, so you should be able to pick one up for between $100 and $200.

The design/quality is great, and it's light and packable enough that I never think twice about bringing it along during the rainy season.
wow, I like the looks of the ll bean jacket. that's nice looking, I just wonder how good it is. I use just a reg togs rain jacket. seems to do the trick but I would like to have the ll bean one if it's good.
wow, I like the looks of the ll bean jacket. that's nice looking, I just wonder how good it is. I use just a reg togs rain jacket. seems to do the trick but I would like to have the ll bean one if it's good.
I bet it's good, but ll bean has an excellent 100% satisfaction guarantee if it isn't.

Either you're exaggerating, or your priorities don't add up as a fisherman IMO. I think rainwear is important, but it's way the fukk down the list in importance and best investments in fishing the way I see it. I don't have to go fishing in the rain, but rainwear, even mediocre rainwear, allows me to so. Far more important and best investments I ever made when it comes to fishing were a rod and reel, both cheap, a decent tapered fly line, and some flies. Even waders are more important and a better fishing investment in terms of opening up more fishing opportunity. Rain gear is on the list, but it's way down the list compared to other things that are actually essential for fishing. Yeah, I'm being an ass, but you're way over-stating the value of your Simms wading jacket.

I am going to disagree with you. Unless you are only a fair weather fisherman rain gear is tops. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet. We live in Washington and I don't know if you have noticed this, but it rains here quite a bit. If you want to do any fall, winter, or early spring fishing rain gear has to be a top priority.

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I have 2 Patagonia fly fishing-specific jackets. While I love the bomber fabric, huge fly box pockets and the other fly fishing specific features, 95% of the time I take my Marmot Precip. It is much lighter, more flexible and more packable and I don't find it overly long. If you already have a hiking rain coat, it should work for you. If you don't, like Sg said, look for a lightweight, waterproof breathable shorter rain coat on STP. It should work fine and someday if you splurge on a fishing jacket, it will make a great back-up. If you go on a multi-day camping fishing trip in the rain, you'll appreciate a dry jacket in camp.

Marmot precip rocks. It is light; repels water efficiently, ALWAYS stays with me. I wear it over a base layer upper, and have no fears. I go nowhere outdoors without it. Just sayin'.
I know it is late, and im pretty drunk 'nshit but think of this, back in thr day I dropped like 4 bills o. A simms g3 wading jacket, it still works after 7 years. Now you may get a few seasons out of it, or you may end uo returning to cabelas every other month replacing the bitch. Me I'd rather drop the 5 bills on the slick jacket knowing that this thjng was designed by hardcore pnw steelhead junkies and get a decades worth of use out of her. Fishing gear ain't like girkfriends, you shouldn't be uograding to the newer model every other year. Jis typin.