Carbon Pinks Last Night on 6 wt

smelly jelly, guess someone needs to learn how to fly fish or even gear fish, but what do I know, I am old and don't know any better. oh well, what ever turns you on and if it's legal then go for it. my 2c's worth for what's it worth which means nothing.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Smell Jelly, Snake oil, Shrimp oil, I think I tried it all when I was a gear head. When I started fishing with just flies I gave all of that shit up. Now it's just an old man and his flies.

Greg Price

Love da little fishies

Sounds like you have had an enjoyable season. Good for you. Are you putting your fly rod away until what, steelhead season next month?

I will be fly fishing Rocky Ford soon. I fish it Fall, Winter and Spring but fish other areas during the summer. Winter, frozen guides, preferably snow on the ground is my favorite season at RF (and no, I do not use Smelly Jelly at RF).

Old Man,

I, like you gave up the smelly jelly when fly fishing (for trout) took over my life over 15 years ago.

I live 10 min from 2 drift fishing sights, so I started drift fishing recently and found I still enjoy feeling the weight tick tick ticking the bottom, then pausing. Pinks do not fight like a steel head, but they are fish on the end of the line.

My first day out drift fishing this season yielded 3 pinks in my first 10 casts. The Pinks were were much larger than I am accustomed to catching. Local anglers explained to me those large Sept fish were "4 salts". The number and size of pinks has gone down in October and it is assumed these fish are "2 salts".

The tug is the drug, whether on gear or fly rods. I am fortunate to live where I can be knee deep river fly or drift fishing within 15 min of my home. I have taken to gear fishing in the morning and fly fishing in the evening.


Future WFF Mod
4 salt pinks??? I've only been catching these shitty one salt pinks and 2 salt steelhead. I better use more smelly jelly next time.

David Loy

Senior Moment
A guide on the OP used to scent our flies with smelly jelly. He gave me a bottle of shrimp stuff and I carried it around in my vest for maybe a year. Never used it and got worried "what if this shit leaks"? Oh man, that stuff is ripe. I'd have my own seat on the bus for sure. I offed it.