10/14 Teal Lake

Fished Teal Monday afternoon 2:30 - 5:30 PM. Water temp was 54 degrees. Was the only one out there. Beautiful afternoon - probably too sunny, - BUT, the only thing I caught was small, dinky little 3-4" BASS........... And, there were lots of 'em.

I have absolutely no problem with bass, but not in a selective gear rules lake that is being stocked with Rainbows and Cutts by both the State and the local club, the Port Ludlow Fly Fishers. I've always assumed that Teal was being "managed" as a trout fishery. Maybe things have changed...... ?

Dave Boyle

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I have some friends who fished Teal last week and have said they're done with it. They used to fish it a lot and enjoy it, esp. in the Fall/Winter. The Port Ludlow Fly Fishers stocked in some good sized fish. Pretty much full of everything else but trout it seems. They used finders that showed fish everywhere but essentially bass, bluegills etc. One of the few trout caught was described as '18 inches of limpness' with a 'tuna-like tail'. It's a shame, I'd heard good things about this lake and had been thinking about going there this Fall based on my buddies reports from last yr. I don't know who is capable of re jigging things. I'm assuming the WDFW could rotenone it like Chopaka a few yrs back when the spiny rays there got out of hand?



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Unfortunate report to hear; been a few years since fished Teal. Great little lake.
Managed as a selective fishery, pressure should be put back to the State to manage it.
My two cents.