A Little Effort Goes A Long Way- Middle Fork Report


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I had a bonus day off on Tuesday, and took the opportunity to get out on the Middle Fork. Since I had all day (more or less), I by-passed the usual spots just off the road and hit a trail for a little while to get to some lesser seen sections of the river.

The scenery was awesome, the fishing was pretty darn good, too. No action on dry flies, but nymphing the deep pools was producing fish. Copper John and a bead head Prince nymph at 18-24" got consistent bumps in every pool.
IMG_0061.jpg IMG_0059.jpg
I landed 7 trout, all more or less this size, except for the one little one I picked up at the parking lot before heading out - Now that I write that, I'm reminded that something in that little run came up and hit my indicator, which was a little orange ball that must have looked like an egg?
Plus I got a whitey! Never caught one on the middle (or south) fork before.


Enjoy this great Fall weather we are having.
Grats on a super outing, that looks beautiful. I have never taken fishing gear up there as its always about the climbing, but I might have to head up there very soon!
Thanks for the stoke!


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Ive got to make my way out there. I havent tried the MF. I have had a blast on the SF this summer. Thanks for the report!!


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Well done! Bouncing prince nymphs off the bottom there can produce some absolute monster white fish (20+inches) down close to the falls