Autumn alpine dries

Friday, Donna and I enjoyed a great day fishing the Yakima from State to Bristol -- several fish brought in on YakCaddis.

Saturday, we worked at home and suffered the dreary fog.

Today, we headed back into the sun, but chose to go high instead of going east. We headed up into the Clearwater Wilderness, hiking up to Summit Lake. There's a bit of snow lingering in the lake basin from that end-of-September storm, but the lake was clear and the autumn colors were outstanding. We quickly spotted trout moving along the shore of the crystal-clear lake, so we rigged up and started casting, frequently throwing dry flies while standing on banks of snow. Sophie (our Yellow Lab) was gracious in foregoing a swim while we started hooking and releasing brookies.

After a 3 hours Donna and I each had at least 15 fish to hand and probably that many missed on set or LDRed. Sophie closely watched each release to make sure we did it right. (see photo below). All in all, a great day in the sun, with a moderate hike, incredibly views and active fishing!

NOTE: The 3rd photo below looks like a mis-handled fish, but that brookie isn't laying on exposed rocks -- the lake is so clear, it looks that way, but it is actually about 12 inches below the surface of the lake.

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How far of a hike is that lake from the road? Is it close to lonesome lake? Nice report

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
How far of a hike is that lake from the road? Is it close to lonesome lake? Nice report
It's only about 2.5 miles to the lake from the trailhead. Easy access. Drive toward the Carbon River Entrance of Mt Rainier NP. Just a couple hundred yards before hitting the park boundary, turn left. Cross the Carbon River and drive up to the road end (about 6 miles from the Carbon bridge).

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
Great photos. Beautiful bookies!

I'm headed back to fish the upper Yakima tomorrow - sunshine, warm and beautiful fall colors ...... And the fishing has been good.

We had great success last Friday on the upper Yakima (state to Bristol) throwing big caddis drys (YakCaddis) and -- for a short window during early afternoon -- small BWOs.
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