8 Weight set up

Hey everyone I am looking for advice and opinions for an 8 weight set-up. I want a rig for steal head and salmon and maybe some big trout.

Have been looking at the Sage Evoke reel but still haven't decided on a rod.

let me know what you think.
Hyperstriper has two Thomas & Thomas 8-weights listed in the Classifieds, at very good prices for one of the most admired brands of American rods. The 9' 8-weight Echo Ion is considered a far better rod than its $190 price indicates. For lines, one of the weight forward interchangeable tip systems works very well for 8-weight use, although they retail around $150.

An eight weight is almost too large for trout fishing, except for harking enormous streamers from a Montana drift boat, but it's a fine weight for a number of larger freshwater/salmon/steelhead applications.


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Consider a switch rod. Redington has some very nice and modestly priced rods---make a trip to Reds and try several out on moving water before you buy anything. If you are not into the two handed game, I really like my Winston IIBX in a 10' 7 wt. rod. I know two guys who have the same rod in an 8 wt. that they swear by. I'm certain the updated models from winston would be equally as enjoyable to fish with.
I use a 9' 8Wt TCX with a Lamson Konic reel and have caught many steelhead and fought a few muskies with this setup. You cant beat any of the Lamson reels in my opinion.

Not sure where you live in the Seattle area but if your close to Mill Creek head over to Pacific Fly Fishers, the fellas in there are awesome and they have a casting pond out back that you can test cast any rod you'd like! They also have one heck of a great selections of reels on hand.


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What do you fish with now? Do you like it? Where are you on the spectrum of wanting medium - fast action rod? Going the nice condition used route is not a bad thing. You can get what was a top of the line rod less than 6-12 years ago. They are more likely to be better than any new mid priced rods of today...plus you are more likely to retain more of your purchase value in case you sell it in the future as opposed to buying new. Checking this site is a great place to start, ebay, local fly shops have closeout rods from time to time or rod trade in programs. If you want new then what is your budget? Because right now you will get all kinds of recommendations and many might not even be close to what you want or can afford.

Used (considered) premium rods to consider: (and usual prices...2 piece a little cheaper)

G.Loomis GL3 1088-4/2 (very underrated rod, smooth caster, 200ish dollars
G.Loomis GLX 1088-4/2 (premium 350-450.00)
Sage XP 890, 896, 8100-4/2 (fast action, top tip casting rod 300-400.00)
Sage Z-Axis (same as above) smooth powerful caster...feels softer than xp at least to me. (300-500.00)
Sage RPL (same as above) Light and Med-fast action, favorite to many still. (250-350.00)
Winston B2X (same sizes as above) Similar to Z-Axis..smooth, (300-400.00)

Those are some, many more too.

As for reels there are many options out there. The lamson velocity is on closeout sales at many places. Check out sierra nevada trading post and check for their coupons or special added discounts too. I know they have some redington rises to be had for under $100.00.
fwiw, I've played around with an old RPL from time to time and really liked how smooth it was. A really sweet casting rod. If I were more interested in faster action (faster than S-glass, so pretty much anything made of graphite) rod, that's one the would definitely be in my quiver now...more than likely, one will end up in there eventually anyway.
Hey everyone I am looking for advice and opinions for an 8 weight set-up. I want a rig for steal head and salmon and maybe some big trout.

Have been looking at the Sage Evoke reel but still haven't decided on a rod.

let me know what you think.

I'd probably be looking at a 10' 8wt like the Sage One or Method for those applications. In the lesser price points, the TFO BVK, Mangrove, and the Redington Vapen are all pretty nice.
Her everyone!! thanks for all the great advice!! I ended up buying a thomas and thomas 8wt from a member on here actually. The rod is great but I had a few problems; first I bought the rod under the conditions that it could be overnighted to me to come in time for my trip and that the rod was unregistered so I could get it replaced if I needed to. The rod was shipped 2 day instead of overnight so we had to postpone our trip and after 2 hours of fishing the rod broke in half which is not the members fault but when I got home I called Thomas and Thomas and the rod was registared to him so now they wont replace it. Moral of the story is only buy new gear from a store haha. I bought a Hatch 7 plus from my cousins fly shop to put on it to which is a sweet reel.

so I ended up using my buddies spey rod which I love and now need to buy now so that will probably be my next purchase.


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OK I don't know hyperstryper but he appears to be new. Never buy from new memeber....at least one of my rules, and double security alarm especially from another state not named idaho, oregon, montana, and maybe california. Hope you ask him about this and he responds.