Jungle Cock Source?


AKA Joe Willauer
I was going to post on the FB "Where do you get your jungle cock" but given the maturity of my average friends humor level (and mine) knew that it would take a very unproductive direction.

That being said, Where do you get your jungle cock? Looking for a full cape. Obviously have used the google machine, and not sure how I feel about buying it on ebay from a dude in Estonia.



Tacoma Red

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I have purchased from "The Dude" in Estonia just once buying a lower grade less expensive cape. I figured that if I got cheated out of the money it wouldn't be for much. What I received was the actual cape pictured and it arrived very neatly packaged in remarkably just a few days. Although I don't use JC that often if I were to buy again I'd use the Estonia Ebay guy and spend a little more. Everything worked out surprisingly well for me.


Eyes to the sky...
How much is too much? I rang my local shop, and he's got a full cape. Top quality and bright color. $280. If you're set on the Estonia thing, I'm sure he'd fake an accent for you.

Jeff Dodd

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Yea, when I restock it will be on eBay. Take a look at completed items... a lot of these capes sell every month and it looks like the same sellers over and over.

Pat Lat

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For fishing or showing? If it is for fishing just get a low grade for 100 bucks and coat them with clear nail polish when you cement the head. If the flys are for show then the sky is them limit on cost.


AKA Joe Willauer
Thanks for the advice, guess I'll try the Estonian. @orangeradish, thanks for the call, I think 280 is a little much, appreciate the info though. definitely tying for fishing, not showing.