NFR I know this is nonsense....


Us Georgia boys outta get together and have a pint of moonshine. Reminiscing of our days in the great NW.

I have cousins everywhere but Georgia that I could date. I'd be so lonely.


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I got Washington...I guess five generations here might have something to do with it...or maybe it's the water...spent most of my high school and college years in a Olympia/Rainier beer fog.
The test told me to move to Washington. I'm extremely relieved, since I told myself the same thing more than half a lifetime ago, and consider it one of the few wise things I've done with my life.
New Mexico...but tests have been known to be wrong before.
Oregon is where I belong...someone's gotta harass the Californians that move to this great state and try to ruin it!!

Amen. The day I got my CA driver's license was the darkest day in my life, having grown up in Southern Oregon. But, you gotta go where the work is...