Fishing for Kids

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to take my daughter on her first fishing trip this weekend, can anyone suggest a lake within reasonable driving distance from Spokane? I know back east we have lakes stocked with bass and pan fish for the kids, pretty much a guaranteed catch- wasn't sure if we had something like that here.
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Also, on an unrelated note. I noticed a lot of hoppers this weekend (eastern/central WA), strange because of the frost we've been getting. I wonder if its a late hatch due to the warmer temperatures this past weekend? Either way I'm sure they're all gone now.

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Radiofly- check the WDFW stocking reports online, you can search by county. If fall stockers went in within a week or two prior, fish close to the boat ramp and high in the water column. After that they will move around.


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hog lake receives stockers and is about 30-40 min away from Spokane, west on I 90, believe it opens dec. 1st, limited out in an hour opening day last year