Yellow Lab puppies for sale or trade.

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I am very interested in talking with you about the Lab pups. I am currently looking for a male. I use to have a black lab that was out of Hiwood Piper's Pacer, so I definitely like the Piper line. I would like to talk about trading a graphite fly rod but am open to any discussion. I also left a message on your telephone. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Bill Zbitnoff
(206) 817-0755 (cell)

Kaari White

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:dunno Best in the NW?? That stud doesn't even have an OFA hip number! I wouldn't take one of those pups, too much of a gamble.

Best yellow in the NW: FC-AFC Sun Valley Nugget. Best in the country, Hawkeye's Viking.
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