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Anyone out there have advice for choosing a float tube for some remote pond fishing? I stumbled across some places this year that would be ideal for fishing from a tube. Portability is essential. I've seen guys hiking with their tube already inflated, but that won't be possible with the hike in/out of these ponds. It would be easier to portage my solo canoe than carry an inflated tube on my back, but that would be tough as well. The tube likely wouldn't survive the hike inflated, so I'll have to carry a pump and inflate onsite. I'd likely do this just a couple times/year so equipment doesn't necessarily be bombproof so much as reliable. Anyone have experience with doing something like this? Best way to pack & carry? Any pearls of wisdom?


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You could start by looking into the Bucks Bag High Adventure model which is supposed to be backpack friendly. It weighs 10# and the addition of a K-pump should make a fairly compact package. I know what you mean about hiking with an inflated tube. Some places you have to walk sideways and you always wonder when a sharp stick is going to put you out of business completely.

Definitely a roundie for something like that. Lightest weight, compact, highly maneuverable in a small pond and least expensive, especially for only once or twice a year. The thing to figure out will be your pump. A mini k-pump is great until you're filling up from empty...your arm will fall off. Whatever you go with, test the pump ahead of time so you know what you're signing up for.

I also like a good garden tool for hikes like that...nice being able to cut stuff.


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The Trinity sounds & looks perfect, but ouch it's $400. Orvis carries it as a package with fins & pump. I'll put it on the list but keep looking.

This is all great info. Much appreciated.


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I have used the Caddis U boat for forever for stuff like this. I like it better than the doughnut style as you have the crossbar and open feeling up front. Very light, under 10# i believe, packs down well or can be lashed to outside of pack de-flated. I sometimes don't even carry a pump and just use the lungs to pumpup. You can pick one up on ebay for 50$.
I have a Buck's bag mustang which weighs seven pounds. This tube can be blown up by mouth to fishable levels- not to tight but plenty adequate. It is a u shaped tube. Nice backpacking tube.
The old Creek Company U-boat can be had for under $100 new and sometimes you can find them used for much less. They
have been around for a long time, I've had mine for many years and have never had a problem. I've carried it both deflated and inflated, I think they're around 6lbs.
Was'nt there a guy on here a few months ago that documented making his own very light, packable float tube? I"m pretty sure it was here.


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Creek Co. was having a sale a week ago, their U-boat was $69. You should sign up on their website for email alerts, they have great sales a couple of times each year.