B2MX Switch?

Does anyone have experience with the B2MX switch rods? Specifically the 11'6" 6/7. Since they've been discontinued I've found a handful on closeout. But there doesn't seem to be much info on this rod (and yes I've used the search function:)).

A few years back I had an 11' 7wt BII2x and really liked it. However this time around my theory is that the extra length and the "mx" blank will give me more "backbone/punch". My intention is to use the rod specifically for indicator fishing. Thanks.


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The 6116 mx is fast as hell, and truth be told closer to a 7/8 than a 6/7. There is a HUGE difference between the BIIx 7110 and this twig - the 7110 has a much deeper flex profile, whereas the 6116 is a very tippy rod. It is light and has a moderate swing weight so I suppose a fella could nymph with it, but that would be like driving a Ferrari to the corner store and never getting it out of first gear...

This rod was made to cast scandi heads a country mile and does a great job of it.
Thanks for the reply very useful insight and pretty much what I was looking for. I find it interesting both the lack of replies on this site and the lack if info on the web in general. Seem to indicate that this rod is not very popular. Yet the few people I've talked to who own one or have fished one absolutely rave about it.


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There are a few threads around. g_smolt nails it pretty well.. The rod is one of the physically lightest switchers out there [5.1 ounce] big benefit especially if you single hand cast / fish at all.

The BIIx 1107 was one of the very first 'switch' rods commercially marketed. The 7wt rating is in single hand speak.. it's actually a 5wt two hand.