Guess the line wt. of this fly rod


Joe Streamer
That doesn't prove a thing about modern fly rods. It's not that hard in most circumstances to play a fish to exhaustion on light tackle. Hopefully Mr. Borger isn't targeting huge fish on such light tackle on purpose, as playing a big fish to exhaustion for a long time tends to increase mortality on release.


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Just looking at the size of the reel, I'd have guessed 5 wt. In the right water conditions, slow deep vs. shallow fast, not that great a feat IMO.

Lugan, give old Gary a break will ya...I'm sure he was targeting much smaller fish.
Very cool ill agree. But glass could do the same thing for sure. I dont have anything against lighter rods so long as people are using overly strong leaders and tippets. Cant be afraid to pull on um.


I remember some guy who used a two weight to catch steelhead. So the use of a minus weight rod for a big, fat... and ugly... brown doesn't surprise me in the least.

If you are using a heavy leader... and don't care how long you play the fish... the weight of the rod doesn't make that much difference. If you're fighting the fish in a river and can run up and down the bank, chances are, the rod is not going to break.


Nothing in that picture gives a person something to compare either the rod or fish in judging size. Could be a 12" fish next to a 4' 1wt.
I just find it funny that if a mere mortal showed up and posted that pic everyone would jump all over them. "Leave it in the water!!!" "I'm sure the fish would appreciate not lying on the rocks" "fishing for big fish with light rods is not fair to the fish" yada yada yada.

But when the pic is from a fly fishing "celebrity" its perfectly acceptable.

I see pics like these in the gallery all the time. Most of them followed by a bunch of comments attacking the picture. Ironically enough, OMJ is often the first to lead that charge. Here he thinks its good fun. Go figure.
Yes, it is the SC 20.

They are manufactured by CF Burkheimer. In addition to designing the rods from the mandrel to the shape of the main flag for each section, Jason also specified different graphite cloths for each section.

The butt section is extremely strong and that is why Gary was able to pressure these large fish.


15 lbs by the formula of length vs girth. Weight came out to 14 lbs 11 oz rounded up to 15 lbs. Fish was not killed.

Fly rod is a 9 ft 5 wt.

Here's a smaller male Coho salmon caught on the rod.

My 5wt IMX has accounted for a hundred or so steelhead to 15 pounds. Didn't know it was some big achievement.