Sage 7136-4 spey outfit

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I got no time anymore and am being forced to liquidate some more of my prized gear to help finance this damn business I've started.

Up on the block this time is my pristine Sage Graphite III 7136-4, complete with Reddington AL 11-12 reel and a Rio 7-8 mid spey versi-tip line. comes with all the mojo I could spare to dispense, while still keeping enough to allow me to avoid getting skunked while fishing with the "Old Man".
First $550 takes the set

e-mail me at



I want it!!! I hope you didnt put it on Ebay yet. I have been looking for a deal like this since my first trip to the Sauk and the pinched nerves in my shoulder that came from 2 days of casting in 30 degree weather. Totally worth it.... even though I didnt catch squat with my single hander. :beathead

call me!!!
andy 425 870 6923
Not open for further replies.