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hey i am looking for a two man canoe. it would be used getting from spot to spot a long the river. i all so do a local race once a year down the river. so something that is light a can take a little abuse would be great. :thumb

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I've got a great canoe that I don't have time to use - it's a 16-17' Novarro from REI...blue fiberglass hull, with the clear fiberglass finish over cedar(?) laps inside, 2 cross seats. Needs the top wood rub edges replaced, a few scratches on the hull - but a great canoe. Not sure about the abuse with the fiberglass though.

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I'm also storing a canoe that's not getting a lot of use -this one is your basic Coleman Outfitter 15' in ABS, which of course is pretty darn durable. It's not getting a lot of use, since my wife isn't as crazy about a day on the water as she thought she might be, and it does come with at least one accessory I'd need to sell with it if someone were interested - an outrigger/pontoon that can be attached and gives you a six-foot span for stability. It's in excellent shape, having been used only once with the canoe.
If you're sincerely interested, I'd recommend you check into this site for Spring Creek Outfitters and take a look at the pontoon first:


We're not looking to sell but not using this canoe as much as we thought, so if interested, understand I'd be selling the outrigger also.
Email me back if you'd like to inquire further.

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