SBS Black Wulff (variation) SBS


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Just for kicks

hook - Orvis 1645-00 #8 (don't have any low water iron)
thread - UTC 140 black
tails - calf tail black
abdomen - Uni-stretch cerise
thorax - deer hair black
wing - calf tail black
hackle - black/grizzly

mash barb, attach the thread at 75% mark

clean/stack a clump of calf tail; even with a big stacker, it helps to even up the tips by hand first

measure for length (hook shank) and tie in with 2 firm wraps (don't release or this stuff will spin); continue back with a few more firm wraps

cut the butts at an angle, smooth with thread and wrap back to bend

clean/stack a smaller clump; measure for length (little less than shank) and tie in

wrap forward toward wing, trim butts at junction and smooth over with thread wraps

tie in Uni-stretch at 50% mark, wrap to tail and back; tie off

clean a clump of deer hair, trim tips

tie in at 60% mark with 2 soft wraps; release hair and let it spin around hook

trim deer hair to create thorax/pfd

move thread in front of wing, pull wing back and create thread dam

divide wing and take 3 wraps from rear (near-side) to front (far-side)

then 3 wraps from front (near-side) to rear (far-side)

post near wing; 5 wraps up post and 1 behind wings to lock in place

repeat on far wing

adjust dihedral and brush wing base with SHHAN

tie in hackle; build up area in front of wing with thread for smooth hackle transition

wrap hackle, whip finish (keeping it classy) and SHHAN

if you catch any fish, have your ghillie bonk it with a priest; stuff it in your wicker creel



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Great Scott!!! Is it also called "The Pink Lady"?
Pink Lady patterns I've seen have pheasant tippet (not sure if it's golden or Amherst) tail, pink floss body ribbed with gold tinsel, duck quill wings and dun hackle; much more in the Catskill vein than this thing. From what I can find, the body on the Black Wulff is pink floss; I used the Uni-stretch because I hate working with floss.