Nikkon AW1

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Anyone have any experience with this little gem? The reviews are mixed and there aren't many of them. I like the idea of having a point and shoot that is waterproof and able to use different lens's


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No hands on experience with this camera. I like my Nikons though and was interested in this one for a boat camera. Couple of issues for me at a thousand dollars it is a bit steep in price and at release Nikon only had two lenses for this camera. I would like to see more. I looked into an adapter to allow me to use my F mount lenses but I didn't find one. This was several months ago and someone may make an adapter now.


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Anyone have any experience with this camera?? I am intrigued by the concept of interchangeable lenses on a rugged, waterproof camera.
Anyone have any experience with this camera?? I am intrigued by the concept of interchangeable lenses on a rugged, waterproof camera.

I haven't seen any reviews yet nor handled it. It's very intriguing. I wished the waterproof lenses had VR (or they'd been smart enough to put sensor VR on this body!), and I wish it cost a little bit less. But for a high-IQ rafting, boating, floating, fishing, scuba/snorkeling, this thing looks sweet. And put some other lenses on it and it'd work as a pretty good as compact, pseudo-m4/3s kind of body.


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Hi Tkww,
Yes, that was my thought too. I have a Panasonic Lumix for fishing pics, but I'm off to Cambodia for 25 days this summer. It will be monsoon season and we'll be doing some treking through the jungle and snorkeling off the coast in addition to touring the temples in the Ankor Wat area. I'm in the market for a rugged, weather-proof camera that can survive those conditions and which can take a close-up lens and telephoto lens for various filming options. What reviews I have read indicate some issues with flooding with the AW 1 and they are not available at Amazon or B&H photo at present (but it appears that they are available at Best Buy). There have been some questions raised about why the supply appears to be so limited. There has been some speculation that there are some design flaws or manufacturing issues that are being corrected.



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"It's the one I'd bring. Get that anti-fog filter for it, it helps keep the condensation under control. I put the silicon wrap on it, much easier to hold onto and the orange reminds me of my old Nikonos cameras. FT1 adapter is a nice accessory too.
Enjoy yourself, there is a nice channel just off shore from the old club med on Moorea that had a lot of marine life in it. Its next to a tiny island, walk around to the ocean side of the island and the current in the channel will carry you over some nice fish and big rays. If you swim out there, bring foot wear."

A review on the AW1 from Nikonians. the guy took it to Tahiti and Moorea. Take it for what it is worth.


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Hi Kerry,
Thank you for the link. In my research, I did find that site. One of the questions is why the cameras are not available at the major sources, at present. At the Amazon site, it says "Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." Best Buy still claims to have them and there appear to be some other sources. The Nikonians don't appear to have any definitive answers to this general lack of stock but there is some speculation....



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Hard to figure out Nikon. They make good cameras but at times they leave people scratching their heads wondering in what direction they are going in.


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I purchased 5 pf them for my technicians at my company. We use them for surveying communications sites all over Washington. I was able to hold onto 1 camera and use it for recreational purposes... I absolutely love everything about this little camera. (Aw100)

I have placed it underwater to record fish releases, used it hunting waterfowl in the worst rainstorms WWA has to offer - not 1 issue encountered. Absolutely worth every penny!

So I would saw the dependability of the aw1 design should be reliable. Nikon is one of the better manufactures IMO.


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Looks like I'm pretty late to this thread, but I got the Nikon AW1 when my old point and shoot fell into the upper Snoqualmie this fall.

There are a few downsides is you're a pro or serious shooter, but overall I love it and would recommend it to anyone who takes photos on the river, in a muddy duck blind, in the snow, in the mountains, etc.

I shoot with a Canon 7D for work, and for being less than 1/3 of the price, the AW1 produces comparable quality shots while being much easier to use quickly.

Some of those deeper DSLR settings are great in a business photoshoot, but when I've got a big fish in the shallows, I want to be able to quickly adjust settings or presets without much thought, and the AW1 rocks at that. And it's waterproof and solid as a tank, meaning I don't have to worry when I bang it on the side of a drift boat or set it up on a wet rock. The possibility for underwater shots of fish being released is great too.

Here's the downsides though:
1. Adding a viewfinder would have been really nice on this camera, even a digital one. I always find myself wanting to look through it at what I'm shooting, not at the screen on the back.
2. The waterproof lenses it comes with are very macro. Great for filling the frame with a big fish or bug up close, but if you want landscapes or anything at a distance, you'll need to drop $300 or so on a Nikon 1 telephoto lens (which will not be waterproof).
3. You will loose the standard lens caps in the river. Get ones with a leash immediately.
4. The lack of a manual focus is something I struggle with coming from DSLR land. Not that you cant set the focus settings on the AW1 with the stock lens, but it's not as easy to do on the fly as switching to manual focus on the lens and letting her rip.

All in all, great camera for under a grand, but not quite the same functionality as a DSLR with waterproof housing. Also, if you buy it, definitely get the silicon cover as someone above mentioned, improves the grip and cushion tremendously.