Fall City Casting


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I need some info on the Fall City Casting thing this Saturday.
What time? Where exactly? A google map would be great!
Every Saturday, 9:00 to Noon. There is a traffic Circle near a bridge, across the bridge is the Raging River Cafe, a couple of gas stations, and some other small businesses. Park in the lot across from the Raging River Cafe and walk down toward the and under the bridge. You'll find the workshops there. Aaron is almost always there by 8:00 to 8:30 with his rods and there are almost always guys there already.

Evan Virnoche

Hows the Snoqualmie fishing lately? I was thinking about heading out there Saturday morning. It was that or the Sky. I am not as familiar with the Sky though.

Evan Virnoche



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I see that J. Reid and the bamboozle guys are coming. Much as I'd love to join the group, there's no way I'm driving there tomorrow morning. Drive safely and have fun!

Go a little farther down the road and there is a King County parking lot complete with a pit toilet. That will get you there.