Ice Reports


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Can any west sider locals provide any selective fishery lake ice reports?
Was thinking of trying a lake this weekend but presume they'll need to thaw out for quite awhile.

Jeff Dodd

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Lone had a lot of ice on the south end Sunday but I expect it will be clear for the weekend. The launch was clear but not a lot of open water.

I can update you if you remind me with a note as the weekend approaches.
Cady was still fine as of last Thursday. My line and guides were icing up, but the lake temp was still 43* at the surface. Larry came out and said outside temps had been dropping into the teens at night. On my way there I noticed the other lake just down the road (Tee Lake?) was icy, but I think the spring at Cady may keep it a little warmer for a little longer.
Fishing was slow.
Anyone know about RSL? (Mark??) Was going to try it last week but the winds were like 15-20 mph.


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Thanks Jeff for the update; guessing the thaw will take awhile. Cold temps for the west side.
Anyone driven by Pass lake? I'd guess probably the same...usually the boat launch is the first/last area of a freeze.
Fished Pass today for only a couple of hours.

When I went out at noon there was ice at the launch area extending out about 60-70 feet and about 3/8 inch thick. Fortunately some one had been out and there was a narrow gap, enough to launch my pontoon but not wide enough to use oars. Hit a few frozen over spots before getting clear.

I was the only one on the lake and came in after 2 hours of fishing when the wind really came up coupled with sideways rain.

The launch area was pretty much clear of ice when I came in, but the first bay's East shore looked like the Lone Lake photo in this thread.

Fish were friendly!