WAC Show - Puyallup


Not to be confused with Freestone
Last show there for the year. Plan to meet a co-worker around 12:30 today. Anyone on the forum going that wants to meet up and say hi send me a PM.
How was it? Went last month and was bummed at the avaricious prices and the amount of 'tacticool' crap.....Maybe I'm jaded or something but $275 for a Stevens 340???? in 30-30???? 8 bucks for plain Winchester 22lr??? I'll still go to shows and be a member but.....damn....


Not to be confused with Freestone
It was a good show...pretty well attended...more than I would have thought for time of year. After re-upping my membership through 2016 (no more standing in line for awhile), we picked our way through the isles. You are right, increasing amounts of tactical gear and a little less used, but still a few honest deals to be had. No doubt prices are still reflecting the hysteria -- still see that on NFC, Gun Broker, etc., but that's just what it is. Ammo prices are still high... bulk 9mm reloads at .29/round was the best I saw. Sportco had Fiocchi on sale last month (.25/round) and I bought a case.

I did buy one of those flat, IWB "sticky" holsters for my CZ75-P01 and like it very much. It's soft, comfortable and has no protrusions to poke and jab at you. It absolutely does stick like glue and, while perhaps slightly less quick draw enabled, suspect it will be quick enough should the need ever arise. It's one drawback is re-holstering which is awkward...but again not a function I need. At $32 show price, it should suit me just fine.


Also checked out Jericho Holsters (Bellevue, WA) and their hybrid IWB that uses the same sticky material along with molded Kydex. They are expecting to have this available for the CZ in Jan/Feb...and at $80 seems reasonable.