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Alec Jackson was looking for something to do with his tying table scraps and came up with this; he has a lot more imagination than I do, and cooler scraps

hook - Dai Riki 799 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 fluoro orange
tail - deer hair
body - oval gold tinsel, peacock herl, ostrich herl various colors
hackle - red and yellow, mixed

mash barb, wrap thread back to hook point

measure a clump of deer hair (hook gap) and tie in; smooth with thread wraps

tie in tinsel

take a peacock herl and mixture of ostrich herl; tie it in

grab the herl and tinsel, twist into a rope; wrap forward and tie off

match a red and yellow hackle; tie in by the tips and wrap forward, stroking fibers back

whip finish and SHHAN

need to come up with a few more colors of ostrich for the next one