STH Saltwater reel for sale

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Richard E

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STH saltwater cassette (CS-3) for sale.

Gold matte finish, cork/teflon drag with stainless steel drag plate. The reel is machined out of aircraft grade aluminium (T-6061, I believe).

This reel is a great 8/9 weight reel. One of the coolest things about it is the cassette option. I have, I think, at least 4 cassettes for it, each with backing on them. With these cassettes, you can afford to buy extra lines because the spools only cost $10 each!

This has been my backup reel for my 8 and 10 weight for the last several years. For spey guys or those who have several sinking, sink tip, and floating lines, this is a versatile reel, which is why I bought it as a backup for several different line weights. I have a baby due to arrive in December, and I have to many 8 weight sized reels.

I've seen this model reel catch a lot of tough saltwater fish on several TV shows, like Fly Fishing the World, catching everything from jacks to albacore. My thoughts; it if it's good enough for these guys, it must be a dang good reel!

You can have all of the cassettes and the reel for $150. I have a couple of lines floating (no pun intended) around that I might be able to toss in, too. Retail for the package is just over $300.

By the way, it's in excellent shape!!



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