River Right or Left Who Really Decides?

What direction of river do you find yourself most of the time?

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Rick Todd

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When I am trout fishing with a single handed rod, I choose the side of the river with the best water and trout habitat (can cast a single handed rod equally well in either hand or cack handed depending on the wind etc). When spey casting, since the snap-t is my strongest cast, I like river left better, but still choose the side with the best water. (I fish primarily out of a drift boat or pontoon). Also wind direction can make a difference on the preferred side. Rick


What direction of river do you find yourself most of the time?
This is what your poll asks.

The poll is not about where the good water is.
What if that's the answer? I don't understand people who ask a question but don't like the answers. Or, they have to redefine the question to get the answer they were looking for.

I guess I don't understand the poll either.
Whether it matters or not or your methodology for deciding aside, I was just curious to know statistically where do you end up. In reality it is probably not a 50/50 split. The poll is simple, where do you end up most of the time, was it by choice or circumstance? Your explanation/contribution is welcomed so thanks to all who choose to participate.

What's really telling is when reviewing an old fishing journal and looking at pictures, lost or landed, most were from river right.

If you'd rather talk "Yarnies" I understand.

Seriously man? I dont fish yarnies... I was just telling you how it is for me. I get them on prince nymphs when im not swinging! But thats besides the point.... my time is closer to being split in half than it is to any other answer to your poll. Sorry if that offends?
The poll is really simple; whether you find good water or bad water, statistically where do you end up the most? The "Good water" doesn't address the poll's question, that's like saying "I fish on the water side of the bank"

Kerry, Great answer! That's the kind of interchange I'm looking for. Are you missing the point? Partially it seems. I was just trying to stimulate conversation. Whether you ever consider it, think it important or it has never crossed your mind is the case, whatever the reasoning or non reasoning, if you recalled the last ten outings, what side of the river were you on the most, that is the answer. I guess to keep it less confusing I should have just put left or right as options, but I felt to stimulate conversation I'd like to hear from those that seem to have there choice made for them because of other factors. I do appreciate your effort to engage in conversation.

Anyway, thanks guys. It sounds like my attempt to just get a bunch of guys talking has failed. I suppose that's what makes us steelheaders, we are unsociable and mostly grumpy and it only gets worse with declining runs and age!

Blake my "Yarnie" comment was not aimed at you or anyone else, it was just a jab at the fact it seems most on this site would rather engage in threads of controversy..the Yarnie thead specifically.

Sorry man...



It seems people on this site prefer engaging in threads that inspire some thought and debate. The reasons why people fish a certain side of a river aren't very thought provoking because it's really basic. Access, good water, casting preference (toss in a variable or two).

Sorry to burst your bubble.


You seemed pretty passionate about getting the proper response from people. Lots of effort for a troll. Most good trolls need no more than 1 post.

Not buying your claim.


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James, I tried. I actually think there is a discussion here. I can remember early on learning to cast a two hander I dreaded fishing certain sides of the river. Or even certain runs on either side of the river because I knew I was not going to be able to cast well. Even now I have to concentrate on my casting more than I would like in certain runs. More of an issue of understanding how the water changes while moving thru a run than a matter of which side of the river I may be on. The current changes direction or speed many times along the run each of which can adversly affect the cast if not accounted for. Or, I know I have problems in my cast with certain current speeds and a run I want to fish is primarily made up of water moving at that speed. These types of issues are more of a concern to me than which side of the river I am on.
PT, the original Poll/question was for real. I wasn't trying to sell " I was Trolling"...what I was trying to say, if it seems like such a bad thread why do you keep reading and replying? I suppose I'm getting trolled now...but I thought you deserved a response.

Sorry if offended you,

Kerry, if there is a discussion in there can you redirect us?

I'm comfortable with both sides and with both hands, I'll be honest there are times when I go to the river just for the pleasure of casting. It is times like those that I usually seek really slow water so I can cast up and down stream. So I suppose there is another factor for me, is it my intention to fish or cast or both?