Almost time for 2014 one word contest!


"Chasing Riseforms"
Having originally started this in 2011 as simply a fun, "nuttin heavy" thing for those on the forum that cared to participate, it's unfortunate that some have taken it for more (or less depending on your perspective) than was intended. It appears some on the forum are wound tighter than an 8 day clock and even something as simple as the One Word game is a source of visceral consternation. To those folks all I can suggest is -- let the spring unwind, spend less time staring into your computer screen and more time fishing.

...and now back to the OP


Oh Freestone, I'm really not directing this to you personally, even though it drives me crazy. It just made me think of all the cell phone/smart phone stuff people waste their life away and bother others in doing so in public places I, personally think, doesn't belong. I'd fish with you any time, as long as you didn't stand there and text someone! Happy New Year!