New Year's Eve on the Arkansas River

That is great. I am a Realtor so weekends are my busiest time (and April is a train wreck this year) but I suspect I could free a day towards the end of the month or a week day after the 7th. We could hit the Big T under the dam or if we wait until later in the year go up to the park. If you are willing to drive Deckers is great this time of year or the Ark of course especially Big Horn Sheep Canyon. Heck it is only 4 hours to Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile on the North Platte if you like to float. Feel free to give me a call or text 303-956-8480
Cool. I typically have Tuesday and Wednesday off so that could work well. I was no the n. Platte a couple weeks ago and it fished great. Here's my # 734-649-6141. Lucas

Jeff Curtiss

Loves Stripers on the Fly
One of these days I would like to head up to CO to fish the Arkansas there. I live in Bixby, OK and the AR runs very close to my house; I fish it quite frequently.
I took the fish in my avatar on May 23rd just a couple of miles from my house. It's an 8# striper that nearly ripped the rod out of my hands going after a 3" sheep shad that I tied.
The AR down here produces lots of stripers in the 5# - 20# class, along with catfish, drum, white bass, largemouth, sauger, paddlefish, and a host of other species. With the exception of the paddlefish, all of them will take a fly.