Predicting Blowouts....


I consider Western Washington rivers to be my local rivers. Do you really want me to start listing gauge height and cfs for what might be considered blown?

Look at historical data and notice rises of 10k cfs or more for all western WA rivers. Consider those blown.

What do you really want to know? When to go and when not to?
What do you really want to know? When to go and when not to?
No. It's my first season fishing nw rivers so I'm trying to understand when rain frequency sustains suitable rise to rivers without blowing too much cloudiness. Looking over NOAA charts shows predictions for rain but I'm unsure where in the bell curve between the rise to it's peak (ex. 3 ft.) And it's drop would there be a blow out or a suitable level for fishing. Could the frequent rains keep levels high yet sustain water clarity or would there always be blow outs over a certain footage? I understand every river varies but understanding the probability of blow outs between a few days of rains with a 2 foot rise and several days of rain with a 5 foot rise may or may not produce bad clarity.

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My homewater doesn't really blow out. I've fished it at over 100k with great results. It actually seems to stack fish up in coves, looking for refuge.

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I will give u one quick tip if the rivers local ecosystem has been heavily logged by corporations a couple hundred Cfs spike can blow it out.


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Each river is different and each section of each river is different. I fish the Skagit which is a large river. Sometimes the lower river can be blown but above any of the many main tribs the river might be fishable. I have seen it blown above Concrete but the Baker running full on and dumping crystal clear water. By the time it gets below Hamilton the main stem Skagit water has been mixed with the Baker making conditions low in the system fishable. The only way to really know is to get on the water and try it.

I have caught steelhead in water with less than 18 inches of visibility.


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You can can bank on the fact that the Seahawks will clutch and lose in a blowout no matter how good they looked throughout the season.