Kalama/Lewis fisheries???

Hello everyone... I was wondering how these two rivers fish for steelhead in May? What about Kings? Are they an option on a fly?


Another Flyfisherman
A friend of mine from Idaho used to frequent the Kalama in May and June. He told me that most of the fish are hatchery, but a few wilds here and there. His wife used to take the Cam Corder and I have seen some of his video footage - some dandy fish a few years back. I dont know about today though. Best of Luck!! Jay
Hey Scott - I was there not last week end but the one before... saw 3-4 drift boats on the water, particular around the 1st boat ramp. a couple of waders out father on the river, looked like gear chuckers. Don't know how they did but I'll try to include a pic of the river I took while out scouting.... :COOK
Hi Flogger... Thanks for the response... We fished the Kalama on Sunday. Fishing was great... Catching was pretty poor. Saw one springer in a tailout that didnt want to look at what I had to offer. Didnt seem to be much Steelie activity either....