Hi guys have any of you done a search on "Radioactive" lately?
Maybe you should.
I know this much, I have eaten my last Pacific ocean fish.
Because of an earth quake 2 1/2 years ago our Pacific salmon and steelhead will never be the same and if ya have beach front property? Well I'll just say "Glow in the dark"
I'm not posting a link to any articles, because there are to many, just look it up yourself and be ready to cry.
I love the earth and somebody f--ked it up for me.
agreed that it's a nasty thing, but saw this recently. And how does one know what the truth is these days?

Well..., watch the BBC World news, and you will learn that Japan is considering dumping the up to 700,000 tons (and more as time goes on) of contaminated water into the ocean.

Here's a couple articles, that you won't see on the "alphabet" channels...

My favorite quote of the second article:

"You can’t clean anything without getting something else dirty"

Oh, well in that case... dump away! :rolleyes:

In all honesty, I wouldn't know what to do either. Damned if you do, damned if you don't....

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Most of the graphs I've seen online are not the actual spread of nuclear particles as they dilute throughtout the pacific, but instead they are maps of worst case scenarios proposed by many different "research agencies" most of which are completely erroneous. But it sure does scare you into reading when you see a gigantic blob of reddish orange drifting all the way across the pacific.

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The levels of radioactivity in the Pacific that we here in the US are (will be) exposed to from the Fukashima disaster IMHO are insignificant compared to the exposure from atmospheric testing of nukes by the Sovs and US in the 40s, 50s, and early sixties. Remember there were dozens of nuke detonations in Nevada alone. That being said I'm very glad that the scientific community is studying this to the degree that they will (unlike in the cold-era days).
During the late 60s and early 70s the height of smokestacks from coal burning steel mills and energy producing plants in the Great Lake States (PA, OH, MI) vastly increased to nearly 1000ft. The local air pollution was diluted (thus a way to bypass local air quality laws) and traveled much further than earlier decades. Then came Acid Rain.

I'm not trying to downplay this but it wouldn't much change my diet in terms of fish, which I'm more worried about mercury. I am curious if the Alaskan crab industry will be greatly affected because the radioactive isotopes, Cesium, Cobalt are heavy elements and may settle very low in the water column. However it's with us for a very very long time. I AM VERY concerned about Hanford radioactivity entering the Columbia river.

It's a shame that the nuclear energy corporations continue to make these incredulous mistakes. Same with so many other global corps that you'd think they are all run by business people more concerned with the bottom line than doing the right thing...wait what did I just say?
I like how everyone has an opinion on the matter but no one is showing solid scientific data. I see the junk all the fear monger post and I read much speculation....

I take the spill seriously but at the same time it's hard to know exactly what to do since there is no trust worthy solid data. At least non that I know of. Probably because the trust worthy data is the worst news and nobody want to know the real truth, we'd all just ather stick our heads in the sand so to speak.

Anyhow, you can stop eating fish but the junk will find it's way on land, birds pooping, stuff seeping into the earth, crops growing, seeds spread...

Whatever, we're @!$&@&ed here on earth! So live it up, give glory to your Maker, fish your heart out, spend time with your family and die. Isn't that what life's all about anyways? ;)


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Before you scare yourself to death...I strongly suggest viewing "Pandora's Promise" it may still be available on a CNN archive. The amount of radiation that you would get from eating fish off of the Washington coast is insignificant to what you get naturally--- if you are concerned about the radiation in fish, I suggest that you not eat bananas or potato chips and other potassium rich foods.

A summary report on Fukushima health effects can be found here...

The results of the independent investigation can be found here:
The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission
Chairman Miyoshi Kurokawa Medical Doctor; Academic Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies; Former President of the Science Council of Japan

A list of third party experts who can answer questions (consider searching for articles from any of the listed experts) can be found here.