NEW USA Made Guide Fly Cases!

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Allen Fly Fishing
In our continuing mission to bring as many products as we can back home for production, we are now making our new and vastly improved Guide Fly Case in Texas!​
Our Guide Fly Case has been one of our most popular products to date. So it only seemed fitting to make it a top priority as a product to bring back home for production. We are now producing our Guide Fly Case series in Texas, making it the most affordable fly box of its type being made right here in the USA.​
Load it up with a season's worth of your favorite flies! All of our Guide Fly Cases are big enough to accommodate a large load of even your biggest streamers! If you're a drift boat angler, a guide, or just plain need a large box to keep in your pack, we designed this box for you!​
Choose between our standard Guide Fly Case and the even bigger Guide Fly Case XL!​
We are proud to be bringing this product and more back home!​
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