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Joe Streamer
Even at $75, the CGT (brown blank) is a rod I hesitate to recommend because it might sour you on all glass rods. Reviews mostly say that the only way to salvage usage of one is to upline two line weights. The CGR from the previous year (green blank) are good though and can also be found on Ebay or FFR classifieds with patience.
Well Dave, are you confused yet ??? I have three of the Cabelas CGR's two 7' 4/5wt and one 6'6" 4wt, the 4wt is the most fun
but the 4/5wt is more versatile. I'm telling you this in case you want to meet up somewhere and you can try them, they do
show up on ebay once in awhile but not often and still go for around $100, but still a great rod for that price !!!

Lugan and Kent give sound advise and and good recommendations, I bought one of the newer Cabelas CGT's and it was worthless, felt like a bad, heavy graphite rod, I cast it once and sent it back, not what you want in a glass rod, or any rod for that matter, IMO !!!

Shoot me a pm if you want to try one, just too see what glass cast like, it's not a 3wt but once you cast it you'll see you really don't need to go too light with glass...

I am Mark ;) Really did not expect this much info and now I am a little bit afraid :)
Thanks for the offer to try one, I totally would as I really feel I need to see what they are all about. I am just reading up now and gleaning what I can. I will drop you a hollar about connecting some time to see. I might have to make a trip up to SW in P.O. if that would be a reasonable thing. Probably not for a week or so but I will drop you a message and see when might be good. I can provide a coffee donation for the time :)

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
At the risk of complicating your choices a bit more, a dozen or so of us met last summer to lawn cast 3 or 4 dozen or more fiberglass rods at a Seattle park.

While there were many standouts including a number of modern glass rods, a couple of the favorites were old brown Fenwicks, both FF706s (7' for 6wt) from the 1970s. Despite being 6wts, both had a near-perfect balance between sensitivity and power. Even with their medium-slow action, short length, and my own flawed casting stroke, I was easily able to pound out 70 foot casts. Their deep-flexing blanks promised that even small fish would feel like trophies.

But the best thing was that Fenwick made them practically by the truckload so they're regularly available on eBay for $100-$150 depending on condition and whether they have the original tube and sock. There are a lot more expensive ways to get started in fiberglass.

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Nice Kent, that sounds like another curious option. Quite a few atm on eBay, lol thanks for the twist, it might prove to be a nice tester solution. Not a huge fan of eBay, but its good to know whats out there. I might even put a WTB here and fish around for one.
Thank you sir!
not a ton to add here, but to reiterate that a 4 or 5wt in glass is a great place to start. They'll give you the full-on bendo with small fish plus you'll be able to do much more with it (not to mention it'll have the backbone to deal with larger fish as well). If you want to throw small streamers, they work great. If you want to throw tiny little size 26 dries, they work great for that as well. There are a lot of options out there depending on your budget. Don't even be afraid to think about one of the Eagle Claw Featherlights in a 5wt. Despite costing a tiny bit of pocket change, they are very underrated and quite pleasant to cast.

All that said, when I went in, I WENT IN. Started with an older Hardy JET about 9 years ago and then went straight to a Steffen a few months after that, that is still my primary trout/do everything rod.



fish'n glass
-- Scoff F 703/3 (the black blank series discontinued a few years ago). I have one and think it's fast even with a 4wt line. I love it though.
-- Diamondglass 704 is another great 4wt.
-- Steffen 7'0" (+/- 6") 3/4wt: I have half a dozen of this guy's rods. They are my favorites and get the most use.

Buy one used, try it, and if you don't like it, you can resell it for about what you paid. It's pretty risk-free. Then it will become a habit and you'll soon be a gear whore like Kent and me.
Lugan's suggestions were very good. the 7' 4wt glass rod is about perfect for our streams. i have a 1wt Scott rod (F601-3) that likes a 2 or 3wt line and it's very cool, but a little breeze makes me wish i had one of my 4wt rods! and the 4wt glass rods still feel very light in the hand. one of my 7 to 8' 4wts seem to get the most use here in western washington. i sold my 7' 4wt diamond glass a while back and have regretted it sorely! they do come up for sale every so often, but i would definitely hold out for the original black one. btw, i have several LP reels and i really like them. anyway, good luck in your search. i will only add that if you find a Scott rod, i would recommend the original F series over the newer F2 models. just my 2 cents.


fish'n glass
Good info and thoughts. Got a link to the FGM and I am afraid that was a mistake as i have my sights set on some nice gear. I am going aim for around the 7 foot length and go from there. Must try some out, sadly my local shops typically do not have much in stock. Is there a Seattle shop that specializes or has a nice selection of glass?
if you're ever near monroe on a saturday afternoon, i could meet you at a park and bring several for you to try out. just so you can cast 'em and see what you like. i enjoy stringing up rods and casting. let me know.
if you're ever near monroe on a saturday afternoon, i could meet you at a park and bring several for you to try out. just so you can cast 'em and see what you like. i enjoy stringing up rods and casting. let me know.

Thank you heaps for the offer! I don't get up to Monroe much these days, used to be up there all the time en route to climbing at Static point or Index. I will however file the info as I may make it happen sooner than later!
Have some other FF gear "wants" as well so those may take first priority before glass. Very kind of you!
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"if you're ever near monroe on a saturday afternoon, i could meet you at a park and bring several for you to try out. just so you can cast 'em and see what you like. i enjoy stringing up rods and casting. let me know."

I did this once and LOVED it! His rod arsenal was incredible. I agree that glass has such a wide range of actions that it can be crazy to figure out. I have an old 7'6" 6 wt Actionglas rod that is a lot of fun. I fish it on the sno forks and sky tribs and unlike a graphite 6 wt, it isn't too much rod at all. 10" fish are a blast and it had plenty of backbone when I got a hot 15" rainbow in heavy current. I like glass rods in the 7' to 7'6" range and a 4 weight would be a blast on small streams. If we fish a beach together again I'll bring my rod along and you can cast it.

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Joe Streamer
You should just buy a rod that seems like it meets your wants and needs USED, try it, and then you can sell it for the same price if you don't like it. It's low risk.