Just moved to Bellingham and looking for beaches

Hello fellow fly fishers! I just moved back to Bellingham from Tacoma. I knew the good beaches down in the south sound but I am clueless to up here. Any hints or tips for locations up here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any info in advance. I am also wondering if there is anyone up for going on an outing.
Hey Spencer,
Welcome to Bellingham! It's a great place with a ton to do fishing and otherwise as well as a tight flyfishing community. We get together pretty regularly.

As far as salt fishing goes, it can be a tougher game. I fish from Semiahmoo spit down to Camano Island. There are numerous points and spits throughout the area that can fish. A ferry ride improves your odds.

This is a great area but with not that many fish saltwater wise some times of the year. There are few sea run cutthroat and Coho off the beaches can be productive in the late summer/fall. If you grab a map that points out points and spits, you'll find some good water to fish. You'll probably run into a bull trout here also; but, it's not legal to target them in the salt. It is nowhere near as good a saltwater fishery as South Sound; but, there is a ton of pretty special places both fresh and saltwater to fish. I look mainly towards the salt when the rivers are not open; and, look forward to just being out there.

We frequently end up on a river bar in the area with a two-hander if you're interested.
Safe Travels,

Cole L

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Again what Ed said, I've done it many times, go on google maps and just move down the beaches until you like what you see and then try it out. When salmon start coming by, whidbey island is not too far away either..
Thanks for the info Ed and Cole. I am really interested in linking up with some of the fly fishers up here. I'm in college so I have quite a bit of free time to hit the water. I would be really interested in meeting up with some of the locals around here. I am from Bellingham but was away for 12 years while I was in the army.

Jim Darden

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Ed and Scott's fly shop is a good place to hang out, but beware! Ed loves the rivers over everything else. I don't know why we don't have the beaches like south sound, but we don't, there is some good fishing more toward the fall. looking forward to seeing you at the shop1