im just starting tying and i need to get some hackle. what are the first colors i need to get, and what grade should i get. i don't have the cash for #1 grade, so should i get #2 or with #3 be fine for a beginner. i want to be able to tie as small as size 18 for starting. thanks for all the help


Rob Blomquist

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I only buy #2 grade hackles. You should be fine with those for down to 18. As to colors for dry flies, you can tie almost everything fished around here with brown, grizzly and medium blue dun.

I also buy Whiting 1/2 necks to save on price. There are plenty of feathers on them. Oh, beware saddle patches with a limited range of sizes, and usually bigger than you want. Necks have a wide range of sizes, and are better for the more casual dry fly tyer.



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I usually buy the Hoffmans #2 grade 1/4 Saddle. Price ranges from 17.50 to 20.00. Depends what fly shop you go to. They also have out smaller packages of hackle. 1/8 saddle. That way you can spend less money and have a better selection. The ones that I bought have enough for about 450 flies each. But I have the need for something else maybe a different color hackle. So I think that the smaller packages would be just right. I usually get most of my fly tying stuff at Teds in Lynnwood. They have a very good selection there. Jim :THUMBSUP