Panama Fly Fishing

Evan F

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hey all new to the forum and fairly new to fly fishing just trout up there in washington but currently in panama for 10 months out of the year and buying a cheap set up just to get going a Redington Pursuit 9 wt 9 ft saltwater reel, any input? as far as fishing goes its crazy but for on the fly it would be 5 - 20 pound snook, 5-15 lb corvina and other species of that size any input would be appreciated


Indi "Ira" Jones
Clousers, heavy tippet for the snook (sharp parts on those suckers), fluorocarbon (better abrasion resistance), clousers.


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Spent three years there with the 508th...never fly fished, but used spinning gear a lot on the southern end of Gatun Lake and Lago Bayano. Used to catch big peacock bass on poppers in the evening...what a hoot!

I agree with heavy tippet, or something along the lines of Rio's Fluoroflex. Anything fly-wise that would mimic a wounded bait fish.

Neat country...would like to visit again sometime

Evan F

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im a little more west, a solid 5 hours from the airport, no peacock bass here but then again i havent looked for them much but we've got just about everything else here, lots of river mouths, estuary's, i jsut want more of a challenge with the fly rod, and more fun :p

Pez Gallo

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We fish a lot of the same species here in Baja. If I had to pick just one rod it would be a 10wt. Matched with a quality reel that will hold up to the salt, like a Hatch 9 Plus Finatic.

Brian White

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Hint - see if you can do some fishing around Coiba Island (off Pacific coast). I have been to Panama twice on surf trips 10+ years ago and visited Coiba on both occasions as part of the trips. Had both good surf and good fishing. Back when I was going, Coiba itself was a prison colony of some kind so actually getting ON the island was out of the question but I've heard it is no longer a prison (?). Used to be able to charter boats from a little town (Santa Catalina) on the mainland. I forget the name of the local "arranger" but you could probably google it.

One other note - Coiba area used to have some large tiger sharks and I'd guess they are still around. During a session in great surf, I spotted one that looked like a Chevy Suburban. Spent a fair amount of time in the water with sharks and they don't normally cause me too much hand-wringing .....but that particular one got me out of the water in a hurry and all these years later I still get a little nervous thinking about it even from the safety of my desk. Swim/surf at your own risk.

Evan F

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ive been up that way but for us its a 3 hour boat ride to get there, fish a little and then camp fish the next day and come back but im in an area where the fishing is basically the same as coiba water isnt as clear but the abundance of fish is, im just getting bored with a spinner and ive always loved fly fishing when im in washington. as far as the prison thing not sure havent heard much about it and ive been here two years, and not too many sharks either.