Spey rod reels (Lamson, Loop)

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Richard E

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Great reels for spey rods.

Lamson LP5 reel, excellent plus condition (no scratches or dings), flannel sock. Beautifully machined reel that sounds like Rolex when the line is going out. Bargain at $130.

Lamson LP5 extra spool (fits the above reel nicelY!!), looks unused, flannel sock. Great deal at $50

Lamson LP6, excellent condition, small amt. of micron backing on it, flannel sock, had a Mastery 12/13 Spey salmon line on it, so it obviously has the capacity! An even better deal at $135.

Loop 2W, excellent plus, the pioneer of large arbor reels, simple smooth foolproof system, small amount of backing, machined, Loop cordura case. Cranks in some serious line! Great 6/7 or 7/8 spey reel. Yours for $150 (55% off retail of $330).

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