Some recent builds

Rob Ast

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I thought that since things were a little quiet in here I would post some recent builds. Both rods are 9' 5wts. Not sure if I will keep one, both, or give them to friends or family.

Rod #1: Hook and Hackle XI series "special kit". Chestnut wraps with gold tipping (one wrap). Ferrule and hook keeper detail is a 4 turn gold wrap alternating with the base color. Stripper guides have a gold insert.



Rod 2: Dan Craft (Five Rivers) Sig V. American Tackle infinity reel seat with rosewood insert. Hopkins and Holloway guides. Maroon thread with silver tipping (two wraps). Winding check and ferrule detail is two bands of solid silver (base color carried underneath).


I built the same Hook and Hackle Xi rod a couple years ago. I really liked it the couple of times I fished with it, until I broke the top section changing lines out on Lenice the second day I used it. It has sit for over a year, but a couple weeks ago I sacrificed a Cabela's rod that had met the same fate (Am I stupid or what? don't just yank when you need more line out!) and I was able to splint it back together. I am really excited to get it out and see how it performs with the fix.