Anyone been to Spain? (fish porn)


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Underwater shots are nice!
Yea they turn out great and the impact on the fish is minimal. Having to fumble around for a cell phone while you lay a fish on the rocks next to your reel is brutal. The fish look smaller underwater since you lose a lot of perspective (4" fly kind of shows the size) but who cares

Ed Call

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Great photos. I've both lived in Spain and run with the bulls. My bull experience here in WA has been far less significant. I've stumbled into a few on my WA adventures, but not nearly enough (adventures or bull trout).

Tacoma Red

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Fantastic beautiful fish and a true native. The bull trout travels to near headwaters to spawn. I've recently caught quite a few in my last OP trip recently with one measuring 28".


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I dig the underwater shots, but the spots really pop in the other one.
Yea that was my last fish of the day and by far the prettiest of the bunch. I was pissed because I left my camera running in my pocket and it died right after I got that one pic. I got 2+ hours of footage in my jacket pocket tho.

Ill mess with the filters tonight and see if I can get a better image of that one fish


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bull trouts eat squidros good to know.. hopefully one day i will catch a bull
I lost all my squid ros I'm prettty pissed. Gotta call up scottie howel and get some more.

That's an intruder style fly. I threw on another for an hour and got nothing...went back to that and boom

Evan Virnoche

squidros are cool in theory, but i find for the rivers we fish that medium to light weight, and let your tip do the work