WANTED: Renzetti Vise and other Fly Gear!!!!!

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Hello my friends. I am looking for a Renzetti Traveler or a better (must be rotary) vise. Sale, trade, whatever. The vise I am willing to pay cash for, or part cash part trade or full trade.

I am also looking for a nice 3 wt rod and reel (line would be nice too). I am looking for a good reel for my 5 wt. And I could always use a full spey outfit. Let's not forget, I need a 7/8 wt reel and line for my custom bamboo rod.(now, unless they are hella cheap I would be more interested in a trade for those items).

Let's talk trade: I am a survivalist (don't know if that is a word) I could open my own outfitter. I have a ton of stuff. Rugged Back packs, knife collections, fishing gear rods never used (mostly gear rods and GEAR) all kinds of stuff. So if a trade is of interest that's cool too. I've even got a vintage 1971 Honda 750 FOUR in near mint condition.

I am also a photographer. Check my gallery or my website (things are a little outdated) www.ephotomojo.com . I would love to tag along and do a photo shoot during a day of fishing. I have a photo printer and all the tools (digital and SLR) to print amazing photos (at home up to 8x10) or much bigger if you decide to print elsewhere. Who couldn't use a full professional gallery of themselves, their fish (just imagine hero shots of chrome bright steelies, Westslope cuts, Dollys, sea runs... you get the picture). Pictures you could frame and put up in your office or at home. Your wives will love them! I mean check out Roper. His wife is drooling over the little spontaneous photo shoot I did of him last weekend on the Hoh!

In fact if you have a vise or anything worthy of a good trade then drop me a line or give me a jingle:

I live on the eastside (Bothell Kirkland area). (not eastern Washington like poens)







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Some outstanding photos you have. Besides an abundance of skill, what type of setup works well for taking these types of photos and is still relatively portable and rugged?

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