NFR Straw Poll: Best Avatar and Member Status

Subcategories? There are so many good ones...

Best Dog Avatar- eye Juggler, Kerry S's old one, Montana Sam, Atomic Dog, NWStonefly, Big E
Best Fly Avatar- Mark Mercer, David Dalan
Best Native Design- Kelvin, Tom Mitchell, Charles Sullivan, Cabezon
Best hero Shot Avatar- ? never was a fan of the hero shot avatar, so definitely Zen Piscator, alternatively K2Flyfisher
Best personal portrait- Irafly, Miyawaki, Papafish, Richard Olmstead, Josh
Best Pizza coming out of an oven on flat wooden board- Iveofone
Weirdest Avatar- A while back I think Taxon had this like worm-bug-larva thing that everytime I saw it, it kind of looked like a Doctor Who monster from the late 70's, it was disturbing, low res, glistening, weird and cool at the same time,
Best Zeitgeist Avatar- Jeremy Floyd
Jaw Dropper- Darryl Pahl
Still Life- Randall Clark
Best this could go wrong very quickly avatar: Skyler Evans, Jergens
Oh yeah, as Terry says above- best Asscakes- Flyborg

Best Member status: Alpinetrout, WW
Great Boot, now I am going to spend the next 20 minutes looking everyone up! :)

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Agree that BassTurd Evan's is most disturbing. And I thought the sword was his stripper pole. Ergo, very disturbing. I seldom support censorship, but in Evan V's. case, I'd make an exception.
I'll be offended if nobody picks my avatar. RIP Brook!

Hey! Mine is one of a snake that almost bit me twice!

With cat like reflexes :rolleyes: , I was able to do a backwards twist jump and get out of the way!

Rattlesnakes are the coolest! I absolutely LOVE the sound they make, especially when there's a den of 10 or 12 of them all rattling at once!!!

P.S. It's tough losing a dog...