New Boat Model Name Part 2


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The problem with using "Red" in the name is it also comes in blue. ;)

SpeyFitter-The design of our pontoons have remained relatively unchanged for 15 years, besides some custom work and minor tweaks here and there. It has been proven for the most part. One gripe we hear is weight. Yes, they can be heavy compared to the frameless boats. But they can do so much more than the frameless boats and will literally last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

The last two models have been experimental prototypes. I'm not sure that we will ever market them though if somebody wants one or a frame using anybody's inflatable product, we will do it. I believe there are enough differences between the two boats to warrant two designs; weight, price, floor vs. no floor, size, portability, capacity, etc.

To your 5 suggestions (which I do appreciate BTW, which is why I posted here).

1. Anchor systems are always optional. The last time I floated my favorite river without an anchor system, it drove me crazy. You always think there will be a gravel bar to beach your boat while fishing but there were so many times that I had to monitor/hold my boat while fishing, it was a real pain. But there are those who, for some reason or another, don't want one. It adds more weight and cost. The BC lodge who bought two last year for flying in with helicopters didn't want one. He simply tied it to his waist while letting his clients fish on their own. To each his/her own.

2 and 3. The boat came as it was shown without chaffing pads or more D-rings. While I agree with you, those cost more money and this site is littered with examples of folks wanting to spend as little money as possible, just like the rest of society. I can only make the suggestion to the manufacture with the hope they will make the change.

4. As mentioned, putting on a removable seat is no problem. We only had a couple days at best to finish the frame before the Outdoor Show, which didn't give us a lot of time to get creative. But then, some folks like it simple. I'm not sure whether we will market either of these boats but again, this was merely our first stab and an effort to get some feedback from fly anglers and the comments/feedback has been helpful.

5. Again, welding a heel bar on the frame is not a problem; just adds a fraction of weight and a little more cost. Some will want it, others won't. But we, unlike many others, at least offer custom options.

PT, Yes, balance is critical in a small boat. I think with the relatively large diameter tubes and large weight capacity, it can be balanced with 1 or 2 people. But honestly, we have not had it out on the water yet.


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Any chance at test driving this red boat sometime this Summer over a weekend?
Yeah perhaps. We try and keep a few different models on hand for our personal use, as well as demos and rentals. Once we had our fill, we'll sell them off and bring in new models. I can't guarantee we'll have this one around this summer but if we knew you were interested, we'd try and have one on hand.


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The Red Baron.
sweet little boat. what sort of price range is a boat like that?

$500? $1000? curious...
If I could get them for $500, I'd get a whole truck load. There was a lot of interest at $2200 at the outdoor show, fully equipped as shown.

A Hyside Mini Me, just for the raft is $2175 and the 9' Tributary, more closely related to the Maxxon in quality and features, is $1800, again, just for the raft itself.