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Does this shit happen to anyone else but me? I live 20 some miles outside a town and city folks or new residence show up to do there outdoor activities like jogging, birdwatching whatever the hell they do in the middle of winter... Anyway, lately I've been getting some dirty looks/frank conversations by people who think my dogs should be on a leash while driving around on a public road. I've done this for years, dogs run,I drive my car.. it's never been a big deal, the dogs are friendly and typically don't cause problems.

However, these encounters with so called winter enthusiast visitors have been a little contentious at times.. the words are you should leash your dogs... my rebuttal is you should go back to town . I say a dog is borne to explore and run, that's part of life, when they get in trouble maybe I can save them, maybe not but the dog who listens know's where the car is... must be just me. I'll continue and try not to get off topic...These not so friendly folk act like I'm putting my dogs at risk for getting attacked/harassing wildlife or run over by me la did da da da... I tell them they've been doing this for years. It's gotten to the point where I feel my ways are out dated and a "true/good" dog owner should take better care type feeling. Well call me biased but I think my dogs are happy as clams and lucky to live outside of a dog enforcement society.

My point is..I have no problem leashing my dogs in the city environment, my neighbors have no problems with my dogs unleashed, BUT when a person steps outside the city/town they expect me to adhere to the rules that is governed to them on sidewalks... I disagree. I say I don't force your ways just to please your judgement of animal control in an urban environment... why the hell do you deserve the right to do it to me? There's inherent dangers to running walking around in a rural setting, a few loose dogs that can be called back aren't one of them to wast your breath on. I understand the point of vicious dogs and the harm that may be done as I've been there, it's terrifying, I get it, but if I call my dogs back to the truck once I see a worried look in an eye... isn't that the same deal as being on a leash in the city?


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I think it is possible that these people are looking out for your animals, and you included. Could there be some jerks that do not deliver the message in a diplomatic manor? Sure. However, going about your said ways really opens you up for too many problems that I am willing to list. Do what you want to though its your right. However, there are a lot of things that I have the god given right to do also. But, I also have the common sense NOT to do most of them.

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If your dog's mind you and are well behaved, I say continue doing what you doing maybe offer to put them on a leash, or mind there own Damn business:)
I should say that this is a dirt road that leads to a dead end and those who don't live in the county/state tax system seem to hold judgement on the way I run my dogs. For those athletic types from Mercer Island... I'm sorry I don't own a leash, dress like Usain Bolt and have a flashy pair of Nike shoes. Yep I'm an idiot!


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I prefer to keep my dog off leash. He is well behaved. However, when I have gotten a ticket for having him off leash, I wasn't surprised. I was breaking the law. Most people are scared to have a decent conversation anymore. Maybe the anonymity of the internet and a username that implies having enough money to not need to work like the rest of us makes people feel threatened.

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Maybe all the "new people" should be put on a leash - at least when they're out in public.
Would that help solve Trustfunder's dogs running loose problem?
Oh, and I have family from Mercer Island, including my mother (years before the bridges - they had to take the ferry) - but they never dressed like Usain Bolt. Fact is, I don't recall them wearing Nikes either.


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I have a friend I stay with in La grande Oregon that lives in the small city and takes his dogs out of town to run next to his truck, I have no problem with it!

Then when he gets up and opens the back door they all three take off through the streets and shit everywhere else but his yard, now this I have a problem with. They have been brought back a couple times by the "dog wagon" and he has been warned and he thinks it's bull-sgit and that his dogs should be able to run town and do what they want every morning!

I live in a dead end street manufactured home setting with about 12 homes. One old lady kept walking her three ankle bitters down our little road letting them shit and piss all over everyone else's yards so she didn't have to pick the crap up - I call this bullshit and so did everyone else.

If your just exercising your dogs I see nothing wrong - If you do it so you don't have to clean up after them - well your an ass - HA

In our city if the dog isn't leased in to the back of the truck while driving they can actually take your dog out of your truck and give you a ticket and they take your dog to the pound! just for having him in the back of your truck not tethered in. It's a whole different world out there then what I grew up in!

My 90 pound lab is not fixed and is the nicest dog you could ever meet but the truth is mother nature will tell him to dominate other dogs, I keep him on a leash always in public or around any houses for his own safety and the safety of any other person or dog.

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If you are legal, it is up to you. Even out of town around here, it is illegal to let an animal run loose. I imagine some counties allow it, so it's legit. However, if its illegal to let a dog run off your property without a leash, I'd side with the person tired of wondering if your dog will chew on them.

I have had three kids bitten by three different dogs that are "nice" and "would never bite anyone." Dogs are predators, and things like jogging and riding bikes can definitely trip a dogs chase trigger. Novel things in their environment are another trigger. My big white monster had a thing for bike riders, and would nip at their feet for MILES. He used to corner an old man who walked by the farm too. He never bit anyone, but I figured it was a matter of time. We have tighter controls on him now.

I'm back in town, and as a "townie" I would say I have as much right to use public roads and places as anyone else. And maybe without someones dog trying to take a bite out of my rather plus sized ass. That being said, I've never been bitten, or all that seriously worried about it.

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I see that your in Montana. As far as I know there is no leash law in this state. I see many dogs in Dillon that are not leashed up and they all seem friendly. But they are all collared up and have tags on them.. I don't think that I have met an angry dogs as long as I have lived here.


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Newsflash! Trustfunders are no more entitled than anyone else. Doesn't matter if your road is paved, gravel, or dirt. If it's a public road, then it's public, and the public can walk, jog, ride bikes, or walk their own dogs on and along it. Your dogs are your responsibility, and when they are off your property, they better be under your immediate control. If not, and if one of your dogs harasses or threatens one of those city folk who you don't seem to have much hankerin' for may just up and shoot said dog, perfectly legal like, and all. It's up to you. Enjoy your trustfund.


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What Salmo_g said. Absolutely, regardless how far in the sticks you are. I usually carry a large extremely sharp knife on walks. I'm not anxious to use it but I wouldn't hesitate to, city or country. I've been harassed by dogs and it's no fun. I won't let it happen again.